I know that some recent daily definitions have mentioned how we are maybe standing on the outside looking in, but today, what I heard was that we need to never forget the truth of how we’re not left alone, either.  Solitary though we may be, we are not alone alone.

             Remember, we have our Team (those we’ve chosen to incarnate with, as well as the loved ones at Home), in addition to who we call family.  Whether they be of direct biological relation or not, we are never more than a message or request away from someone who cares for us.

             The reality is, we are never without:


             We receive this support on more levels than we can even imagine.  Or are aware of.   But, it’s there.  It is always and consistently there.

             And we are given reminders of it, repeatedly.  The trick is to notice them, and then, be grateful.

             Some of my own support no longer comes from this physical plane.  On our card altar right now, I am acknowledging that by drawing from the Special Occasion stack.  My best friend would have turned 51 today.

             She would have appreciated this particular selection, in a huge and powerful way.  (Which, of course, makes me think that she had something to do with its appearance.)

trickster messages

“Dingo  ~  25  ~  Trickster

Portrayed as overconfident in many a tale, the simple Dingo artlessly assumes that the world will support his needs, that he will be welcomed and nurtured and that his charm and adaptability will carry him through.

A naturally friendly but socially inexperienced character, Dingo often bites off more than he can chew, then sits licking his wounds in a confused state when his actions inevitably backfire on him.

Although Dingo ostensibly approaches life unaware of the penalties and pitfalls that usually appear painfully obvious to the more mature and street-wise among us, he teaches by example to learn from our mistakes and to never take life too seriously.  He espouses that as long as we are able to laugh at ourselves and learn when we trip ourselves up, we will never again fall victim to our own illusory tricks.”

Today’s Deck:

Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards by Scott Alexander King

Today’s Painful Lesson Learned:

is about how all of the clothing (and my favorite bike-riding slippers) which went with me into that mountain of slivers last week had to be disposed of.  They went out with the trash tonight.

             No, they were not savable.  I tried.  Dan tried.  (For fucking days we tried.)  Believe me, if I could have kept them, I certainly would have!  Instead, my hatred of bark-mulch has grown exponentially (which is saying a lot, because it was not small before this unfortunate incident).

             Anybody have a spare tank top, sweatshirt, and pair of black yoga pants I can borrow?  Size: tubby-and-short.


5 thoughts on “Got Your Back

  1. I had an interesting talk with Mary yesterday. She is fighting long term undiagnosed Lyme disease right now, and sicker than she has been since I have known her. (One of the effects of treatment of Lyme is that as you kill the bacteria, a spirochete related to Syphilis, as the bacteria dies it sends off toxins. She is currently on her second round of homeopathic treatment, which is a bit worse than the first. Our new catch phrases are “worse is the new better” and “damn spirochetes”.) She said, in essence ‘I really need to manage my energy even more than usual; I always need to leave some little bit in case someone needs my help’. There is someone who has your back!

    1. No, it’s not that the wood is treated with anything, it’s more about the type of tree and the processing. I think one of our major export products here is extra-prickly bark-mulch.

      I knew it would not work, but I was, as ever, hopeful. Maybe, possibly, THIS time I could get all the slivers out. 😦

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