Today’s post is all about the sharing.  (I know, one of my favorite topics!)  About us sharing with others, others sharing with us, and how truly valuable the entire process is.

             Here’s exactly what I saw and heard this morning:


             Personally, I have sort of an aversion to “purity” (probably because I’m a blended beige person), and the elite nature of that caste-type of belief.  Any time there’s an example of blurred mixing, I’m all for it.

             There’s also the (wrong) idea that one way/color/version is better than another.  The truth is that the more we share and blend and mingle, the better off we’ll all be.  The Universe says, “mix it up, share freely!”  In whatever area we’re struggling with, this will be our solution.

             And on the card altar, I was directed to leave our regular rotation so that we could have even more of yesterday’s Empowerment.


“Self-Esteem  ~  16  ~  Guardian Angel Michael

Integrity, Self-Expression, Boundaries, Convictions

You may feel the ‘odd man out’ right now, as others may not fully appreciate or support your ideas and perspectives.  In fact, you might be feeling discounted altogether.

Fortunately, the Guardian Angel Michael is present to help you remain grounded and centered, even in such times of being challenged and misunderstood.  He counsels you to remain true to yourself and steadfast in your convictions, even if they aren’t shared by those around you.

Yes,  it can be scary to go against the crowd and stand up for what you believe in, especially when it’s unpopular or possibly ahead of its time.

But Michael stands by you and reminds you that this is part of becoming a spiritually mature soul – he helps you ignore popular opinion, and stay true to your heart.

Don’t seek approval, or doubt yourself when you don’t receive it.  Instead, Michael encourages you to stand in your full spiritual adulthood and claim your self-esteem by trusting what you feel and believe in.

Do not abandon yourself to win approval in the moment.  And don’t be afraid to take a stand – after all, this is how you will become the true leader of your own life.”

Today’s Deck:

Ask Your Guardian Oracle Cards by Sonia Choquette

Today’s Musical Mention:

is what I’ve been listening to for the past few days.  I’ll be taking it to the pool tomorrow.  HERE is the best spot I could find for description.  I love just coming across CDs like this at my library!


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  1. Playing catch up here. I have always liked St. Michael, Patron Saint of Law Officers. I will send you a photo that I took in Germany of him.

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