When we are in the middle of Mercury’s retrograding phase (and hoo baby, are we ever!), it’s much more peaceful if we don’t try to accomplish anything new or challenging.

             A better idea is to stick with (as Doreen says) all the “re” words (recharge, retreat, rejuvenate, review, repair, revive, restore, recuperate, refresh).

Staying with what’s comfortable.

             Because right now, like that recent Home message, the key is to keep those risks at a minimum.  No use sticking our necks out while the chance for decapitation is so high.

             There’s simply no need for making any extra uncertain (or even careless) moves.  Especially when we know that we’ve got plenty of time to be spontaneous later on.

             And, within our regular rotation around the card altar right now, we’ve been handed a very nice validation.  Staying safe never has to mean giving up our strength.

magical mermaid messages

“Empowerment  ~

‘You’re more powerful than you realize.

It’s safe for you to be powerful!’

This card confirms that your inner power wants to surface.  You’ll use this power appropriately, and you are incapable of abusing it.  Your true friends and the people who truly love you, will be happy that you’ve taken your power back.

Empowerment means that you are no longer willing to see yourself as a victim in any way.  It means letting go of all blame with respect to other people, past conditions, or present circumstances.  Know that you can be powerful and gentle simultaneously – and still be very effective.

Affirm frequently:

‘It is safe for me to be powerful!  I accept my gift of power to be used in the service of light and love.’

Then, enjoy the shifts you see around you.  Instead of worrying what others think about you, use your power to make the world a better place.

You may never feel self-conscious again!”

Today’s Deck:

Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

FLP Report:

begins with this view.

music matters
A state of Washington special that nether of us had ever seen before.

             And continues with a new New Mexico, two New Yorks (thinking of you, East Coast), Tennessee (and then, another Tennessee), one who got past us, a singular Nebraska, Florida, and Minnesota.

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  1. Great license plate! Now that is a special plate I would get. Great card today, too. Many times, people are afraid to be powerful and to exercise their power. Nice reminder that power isn’t bad, or bad for you.

  2. “No use sticking our necks out while the chance for decapitation is so high.” I almost spit tea all over the computer. Love this! 😀

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