There will be no spiritual message in this post.   Only facts.

             I know that whoever stole my bike lights (FOR THE SECOND FUCKING TIME) will pay for their actions.  (Oh yeah, they’ll pay.)

             I know this.  And yet, here I am.  Still fuming.  Still unable to detach and carry on with my life.

             Right now, I’ll be taking a day off.   Come back tomorrow, or re-read some old posts.  Whatever you feel drawn to do.

             See you in 24 hours.


8 thoughts on “Karmic Law

  1. ((((HUGS)))) fuming is totally understandable in this situation! How utterly & completely lame! 😦

    There is a visualization I picked up somewhere (can’t remember where now) that I sometimes use when I’m overtaken by an emotion that’s difficult to break out of: The Sacred Rose:

    1. Raise the emotion(s) you’re dealing with; in this case anger & frustration. Think about how fucked up it was & how incredibly aggravating the situation is.

    2. Take a few deep breaths.

    3. Picture a rose above your head, of whatever color strikes your fancy in the moment.

    4. Visualize a fine mesh net moving up through your body, and all the “negative” emotion bits throughout your body as little black seeds of energy. As the mesh moves up through your body, all the seeds get dislodged by the net & move up with it. Picture the net catching every one of these black seeds as it moves along. Often for me the net moves more slowly through my heart & head areas, as there are lots of seeds stuck in these areas. I wiggle the net side-to-side to unstick the little buggers that don’t want to move.

    5. As the little seeds move up & out the top of your head, they wither & blacken the rose, once the net comes free from the top of your head the rose is entirely black & wilted.

    6. Burn the rose in the purifying violet flame. As it is consumed by the flame, picture the ashes as gold sparkles, which have been transmuted into pure love, sprinkling down into your head. You can call on Archangel Michael to help in this burning/transmutation step.

    I have found this very helpful, and always feel much better afterwards. I’ve taken to using it for migraines, too (alongside the various drugs and ice pack on my head that I have to use for them). In this case I picture the pain in my head as the little seeds, and I usually have to do quite a bit of sawing with the mesh to get them loose, but it does help alleviate the pain somewhat.

    Hope you feel better today! ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. Wow. Just wow. Did they steal them from the same spot as last time? I think I’d be trying to set a trap for the rat bastards. Or something. Fucking assholes. Many {{{HUGS}}} to you.

    1. Different part of town. Bikes and bike bits are the thing that’s stolen the most in this city. We need to change that, it’s gotta stop.

      Thank you.

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