Not to be all Gloom & Doom on our asses today, but this current message is about the exposed nature of Life.  For being so complicated and hearty, we are also simple and delicate.

             The awareness of our selves and the precarious state we live in, is what we need to focus on right now.  The reminder is of how brief our stay here can be, and how fraught with peril.

Any thing.

Any one.

Any time.

             Our situation is open to change, for an unlimited number of reasons.  Some are not deadly, some are.  Circumstances, as much as I would like them to be, are not always delightful and loving.

             And as much as I dislike conflict and competition (the ideas as well as the words), the draw we’ve been directed to for this one is precisely the right way to approach what we’re hearing and experiencing.

competition and conflict messages

“Competition   ~  17  ~  Warrior Guides

Strife, Arguments, Conflicts, Battle

This is a time of conflict and challenge, pure and simple.  No matter how you look at it, confrontation and discord are on the horizon.  Others don’t agree with you or see your perspective, and they do not intend to coöperate with you in any way.

This could surface in such serious ways as legal battles, divorce proceedings, and contract negotiations; or it could just be an impasse with a spouse over a simple domestic chore.

Whatever the issue, there’s no immediate resolution.  You have attracted a worthy opponent, so prepare to go the distance.

This is not to assume, however, that such combative scenarios are always a bad thing.  Your Warrior Guides are present to enlighten you about the benefits of sparring with others.

Competition brings out your best, and unleashes your passion and commitment in what you believe in.  It develops your strength and prevents you from being victimized or manipulated by others; and it teaches you the need to respect others, too, and not mindlessly impose your will on them.

Your Warrior Guides suggest that when you do battle with others, it’s best to fight fairly and learn from the conflict.  Don’t compete just to let off steam.   Fight for progress and higher understanding for all concerned rather than just being difficult to get your own way.

Hidden within the drama of battle and competition are the seeds of true understanding and compassion.  The best spiritual warriors always strive for a win/win outcome.

Your Warrior Guides suggest that you embrace the battles at hand to find your strength and reach for growth.  Fight the good fight with your adversaries, but pray for Divine justice to prevail . . . . not just your personal version of justice.

Their message for you is to fight fair, but concede when you are in the wrong.”

             (Can everyone say: Mercury retrograde?!)

Today’s Deck:

Ask Your Guides Oracle Cards by Sonia Choquette

Today’s Cautionary Tale and Sad Validation:

is report on how important good bike lighting is.  I crashed and fell, softly, into a mountain of minuscule wood splinters tonight.  I’m still having issues with replacement illumination (after the theft from last month), and didn’t see a dark mound of bark-mulch on a dark street in the dark of night.

             I’m fine, but the clothes (and footgear) that I was wearing all had to be thrown away.  (And you know how I feel about trash!)  There is no getting them clean, bark slivers DO NOT COME OUT.  Ever.

             Physically, I am mostly uninjured, bicycle is also mostly fine.  But, like my garments, I was covered in slivers.  And will, most likely, continue finding them for a long time.  They’re like that.  I know it all too well.


8 thoughts on “With Care

  1. Very interesting perspective on combat and conflict. Warrior guides are delightful allies to have. One does not have to enjoy or embrace conflict/combat in order to be a warrior; just have those warrior guides with you when you do go to battle.

  2. You can get the bark slivers out! So don’t throw anything away! You CAN save it! Depending on the size of the slivers, you soak the clothes and shoes for 1 to 2 days in soapy water. Re-warm the water once or twice a day. The wood turns mushy and dissolves. Once you can – gently – squeeze the clothes without getting poked, you wash them. The bits go down the drain. This method also works with cactus spines. (Thank heavens, since I like cactus!).

    1. Dan put the clothes in to soak while I was gone, and brushed off the slippers. I’m not sure they’ll all ever be safe to wear again, though…….

        1. Then machine wash in a regular load. You’ll have to air dry the slippers though. I put slippers in front of the heating vent overnight.

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