One of the things that I’m not super great with is planning.  Well, wait.  To clarify.  I do plan.  Enthusiastically!

             My plans just don’t usually make sense to everyone (or anyone but me, often times).  They also, quite regularly, are not based in reality (or so I’m told, shut up, my family).

             So, when I realized what our message was this morning, it took a while to pinch and poke and fold it into a manageable shape for me to comprehend and then share.

Gently planned.

              We are being reminded of the importance of action steps, plus adaptability.  That combination is key.  We are not to forget the value of pre-thinking but having a willingness to shift if necessary.

             Reminiscent of our most current theme, there’s a “go with the flow” feel to this one, while still keeping our original blueprint close to hand.  (Do NOT lose those original set of plans!)

             Here’s the validation, as well as encouragement.  I was directed to leave our regular rotation around the card altar this afternoon, so we could continue to see and hear and explore, from many directions and with more layers.


“Angel Of Manifestation  ~

‘Your efforts, determination, and perseverance have paid off.’

Something you have yearned for, dreamt of, and worked towards is about to manifest.  Yet this is not a time for wild elation.

Keep your focus and balance and do not lose sight of your original purpose.  Quietly give thanks to your angels, to God/Goddess, and the Universe for this blessing.

Continue silently with your work.”

Today’s Deck:

Angels, Gods, and Goddesses Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Celestial Update:

is from Sarah’s latest post on Mercury retrograde.  Worth a click, as always.


4 thoughts on “Methodical Design

  1. Sun Tzu, in his treatise “The Art of War” said, roughly, “no battle plan survives beyond the first skirmish”; the application to which is “plan all you want, but nothing is certain after the first few minutes of battle”. Exactly what your message is today. Plan, but don’t be so rigid that you can’t adapt to the changing environment of your executing plan. I was just chatting with a motorcycle buddy this week, and we were discussing group rides that had all components planned to a T (start at promptly 8:30, fuel at the Chevron in X town at 10:30, lunch in Y town from 1:00-2:00, arrive at destination at 5:00, group dinner at 7:00 at the Steakhouse in Z town) that makes no allowance for cool scenery, road construction, the fact that if you have 20 motorcycles to fuel, it will take a half an hour and not ten minutes or the many different ideas of what constitutes a fun speed to travel. Yep, plan, but don’t be welded to it.

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