Cycles.  We are looking at cycles.  Spiraling ever upwards, we live in change.  It’s not our favorite house, in fact, we’d really like to move out.  But, that would be changing, too.

             What the Universe wants us to focus on right now is our leftovers.  Our messy piles that get almost forgotten. Almost, not quite, stepped past or kicked aside.

Re Building and New building.

             Finishing a chapter in our adventure can be untidy.  We’ll end up looking like yesterday’s bedraggled feather.  And yet…. we’ve still got much left to do.  We’ve still done so much already.

             The raw fact is, life’s just pretty unorganized, and it naturally gets disheveled.  We are part of that.  We move through it and out of it.  (Or in my case, we move through it and simultaneously stay in it.)

             To accept the grubby bits as well as the shiny, we make more progress.  We learn faster and we understand more.  No judging, merely observing.  Not good or bad, simply messy and tidy.  Cycling through.

             As with our (hugely validating!) daily draw, this spot we’ve come to on the card altar, it shows our forward momentum as well as our mindful balance.

queen of clouds reversed with XXI

“Queen of Clouds  ~  Mastery of Mind  ~  (reversed) Morality”

             Which I’m not going to type out from the book this time.  Basically it’s about being hung up on what is supposedly the “right” way to live.   As in, that bullshit old status quo of “what would the neighbors think?”

             Fortunately, we have traveled well past that crap, and are now moving on to:

“Completion  ~  XXI  ~  Major Arcana

Here the last piece of the jigsaw puzzle is put into its place, the position of the third eye, the place of the inner perception.  Even in the ever-changing flow of life there are moments in which we come to a point of completion.  

In these moments we are able to perceive the whole picture, the composite of all the small pieces that have occupied our attention for so long.

In the finishing, we can either be in despair because we don’t want the situation to come to an end, or we can be grateful and accepting of the fact that life is full of endings and new beginnings.

Whatever has been absorbing your time and energy is now coming to an end.  In completing it, you will be clearing the space for something new to begin.  Use this interval to celebrate both . . . . the end of the old and the coming of the new.”

Today’s Deck:

Osho Zen Tarot

Today’s Sharing:

is to say that I’ve recently been on a search for more variety in music to play during my pool class.  Today I’m listening to sounds like THIS.  I love all of the new selections that have crossed my path, but really, steel drum island bands truly make my heart happy.


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  1. ” (Or in my case, we move through it and simultaneously stay in it.)” 🙂 Yep, me, too! It’s kinda like spinning your wheels in mud and occasionally getting enough traction to leap forward only to land in the mud again. Familiar/comfortable territory, but not really helping us get anywhere.

    Ooo, steel drums!

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