The most important thing I heard from the Universe this morning was that we need to pay attention.  We are being asked to listen closely.  Watch for the signs.  Like, seriously.  Pay fucking attention.

             We’re going to be receiving information, and it won’t be vague.  There will be a clear and direct way pointed out.  This is the exact word that was shared with me:


             The details will depend on who we are, our messages will be as individual as each of us.  There will be small and specific images, symbols that we really can’t possibly miss.

             Watching for our signs needn’t take up our entire focus though, there’s a life to live and joy to be had.  So, while we’re going about our day, honouring those we care for, spending moments in mindful awareness, we are ALSO staying alert to what is being set down, directly on our path.

             Still within our regular rotation around the card altar, this daily draw will help to keep us pointed the proper way.

generosity messages

“The Lady of the Gift  ~  20  ~

generosity, receiving, withholding

The Lady of the Gift brings a message of tithing.  To be her Ally, she requires you to look at the nature and method of your giving to others.  The world is your church, and you only need to distribute 10 percent of your wealth to others to ensure that the flow continues.

Yet, this doesn’t necessarily mean giving money away, nor does it imply a direct action of charity, even though the tradition of tithing is material.

In fact, the kind of tithing the Lady asks of you isn’t tangible or material at all.  She’s asking you to look at all human beings as important in the Divine scheme of things and show others that you believe in them.

Pay attention to how you treat people; and be mindful of your perception, even of seemingly ‘poor’ strangers.

If you see others as so successful and abundant, and act as if you believe they have value, blessings all around are assured.  Your belief in others has greater value than you could fathom.

This alone guarantees your success long-term.  Remember that you can only keep what you are willing to give.”

            (Notice that this, numerically, adds down to 2, as in yesterday’s mention of duality.  See?  Signs!)

Today’s Deck:

Wisdom Of The Hidden Realm Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

Today’s Sharing:

is this view from my walk to the bus stop earlier.

seen in the rain
With part of me, for perspective.

             It was pouring rain (hence the rain boots, which, by the by, were a pair of hand-me-downs from my youngest child, thanks Em).  And I was sort of on someone’s lawn, so I had to be quick.

             No matter if we’re wet and messy, we are still lovely and worthwhile, so says this bedraggled white feather gift from Nature.


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