We’ve talked before about how the labels of “good” and “bad” are false.  They’re misleading in that they give power to something which is static.

             The same can be said about negative/positive as words, and even as actions.  There are times when a definition simply can’t be defined.


             Like with dark and light.  Sure, there’s a specific daylight-night time descriptiveness.  But one is not better than the other.  Both serve their purpose.

             Today’s message is about that meaningfulness.  It’s too easy to fall back on old attitudes of judging right now.  The Universe wants us to be aware of both sides, of many sides, of all sides.

             As we return to our regular rotation around the card altar, this idea is validated by the draw.  Also, we are reminded that a recent theme topic is not entirely gone.

nurture creativity

“Bear  ~

‘Nurture creativity and return to the sweetness of life.’

Bear prepares for the birth of her cubs by building up reserves of nourishing fat, but unless conditions are perfect she will not give birth to her fleshly creations – for Bear knows that timing and preparation are all.

Deliberate carefully before bringing anything into being and nurture your creativity by withdrawal, whether in meditation or retreat.

When you return to the material world your ideas will bear fleshy ripe fruits, and you will again discover the sweetness that life offers you.”

Today’s Deck:

Animal Messages Oracle Cards by Susie Green

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4 thoughts on “Both/All Sides

  1. Love Bear and her planning! And the day/night, each with their own mission. I watched this morning as “sunrise” occurred (the gray sky lightened up) and the day took back the night. I am going to make a point of watching the night take back the day this weekend.

    1. When does the sun start coming up around 4:30? Because we could see it then, as we’re going to bed!

      (Totally thought of you the minute I flipped this card.)

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