This morning brought me visions and sounds and feelings.  Many of them frustrating, all of them, in the long-run, helpful.

             (Once I got them all sorted out that is.  No one ever tells you that this is often the difficult part!  Well, I’m tellin’ ya, there it is.  You’re welcome.)

             What happens when we make an attempt, and it doesn’t seem to end the way we thought it would?  We feel failure?  Or we think we are to blame?

             The images that were shared with me earlier remind us that we can’t make mistakes.  We can only learn our lessons.  Sure, sometimes they seem to take a REALLY long time, or we have to keep doing them over and over and over again.

             But, we haven’t failed.  We’ve only moved along, to the next challenge, to the next chapter in our story, to the next part of our journey.

Clear communication.

             Sometimes it’s not about us getting the job done, more along the lines of how it’s received on the other end.  Like, we can leave a voice mail, but are we sure it will be listened to?

             All we can do is OUR part.  We aren’t in charge of what others do with it.  Our task is to be the best we are capable of, clearly stating our version, our Truth.  And letting that go.

             Once we’ve sent our missive out into the world, and we’ve done it with integrity, we have to wait and see where it lands.  If we think it wasn’t enough, or we have more to say, we could toss out another.

             It’s no longer in our hands, though.  We are doing our part, we are being as clear as possible.  (We are, right?)  Then, we let go.  We live our life.  We surround ourselves and others with lovingkindness, and we move forward.

              This doesn’t feel quite like a theme, yet.  But we have received another message of “creativity,” this one brought to us in our daily draw.  This one, helping us to release, and open up to create.

creativity messages

“Goddess of the Earth  ~

‘An idea connected to imagination, creativity, and nature.’

The energy of Gaia, the spiritual Goddess of Earth, is strong within you at present.  She reflects the fertile ground of your imagination and infinite power of creativity that you possess.

This is a good time to use your imagination and express yourself creatively.  Keep an open heart and mind.  You will receive an idea over the coming days or weeks that will lead you to an abundant and fulling way of life.  This idea is somehow connected to imagination, creativity, and nature.

Over the coming days it would be beneficial to relax, spend some time in nature and absorb her healing and fertile energies.

Gaia will help to ground you and keep you balanced.  In the future she will also inspire you to devise ingenious ways to market your idea.”

Today’s Deck:

Angels, Gods, and Goddesses Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Kitchen Adventures:

were really pre-baking moments.  We made some goodies for tonight and for later in the week.  (As well as for a vegetarian we all know and love.)

vegetarian baking
The one on the left has meat, the other doesn’t.

             Two frittatas.  Both with sun-dried tomatoes and kalamata olives.  Plus plenty of cheeses.


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  1. Very interesting message today… I will share this with my sister, as we experienced (and worked through) some communication issues this past few days…

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