There are some parts of life that we continue, for the sake of tradition, and others, just out of habit.  Or, even worse, a (false) sense of obligation.

             We’ve spoken, recently, about responsibility.  Today we’re looking at it from another angle, while continuing to regard it all around.


with a side of fun.

             When it’s time to be all adult-y, we can absolutely do that.  But, are we also having a good time?  Is there Joy in our lives?  Are we making sure that we follow though with our Self-Care?

             Are we going about the motions begrudgingly, or in a martyr-ish way?  Is it better to just not bother?  When we leave out the happiness, we cause a disservice to ourselves and to our loved ones.

             On the other hand, if something is truly important to those we care about, perhaps Acceptance is our lesson.  And bringing that fun into it will help all involved.

              Here might be one way to incorporate this message into day-to-day living.  I was directed to leave our regular rotation around the card altar.  This is why.

guides of creativity

“Creativity  ~  37  ~

Creativity Guides  ~

Patience, Practice, Revelation, Assessment

Your Creativity Guides are advising you that there’s no way to avoid risk if you wish to live a creative life.  Stop worrying about making right and wrong choices, and view all of them as creative opportunities.

Be glad you have the freedom to make choices at all, and realize that no matter what you choose, you will create something.  If you don’t like the results, then simply go back to the drawing board and make new and, hopefully, better choices.

Your Creativity Guides remind you not to look at life in terms of black and white, me against you, all or nothing.  You’re a creative spirit regardless of what else is going on in your life.

Assess your creations with appreciation and respect.  Whether good, bad, or indifferent, they all reflect your creativity.  Celebrate everything you enjoy, and don’t fret over the rest.

See your less desirable creations as interesting rough drafts, and follow your Creative Guides advice:

Go back to the drawing board.”

Today’s Deck:

Ask Our Guides Oracle Cards by Sonia Choquette

FLP Report:

includes this view from earlier today.

On my way, from bus stop to dentist’s office.

             Along with several Alaskas, one Illinois, a single Florida, and something that was plain white, with unremarkable lettering (the only thing that made the car stand out was the gorgeous “German Shepherd dog” hanging his/her head out the window).


2 thoughts on “Authentically Accountable

  1. I am reminded of the story of the “tradition” of cutting the ends of the drumsticks off the Thanksgiving turkey. When asked why by a new family member, the young wife said “because my mother did it”. The mother was asked, and she said “I learned it from my husband’s mother”. Husband’s mother said “Oh, for Christ sake, I did it because my roast pan wasn’t big enough for the damn bird.” Good problem solving… I saw a Kentucky plate at the coffee drive through today.

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