As you know, I’m not a huge fan of change.  I am, however, an ardent follower of the Learn Lots philosophy.  So, when a lesson arrives, I believe we should press on and see what it’s about.

             This morning’s message was jumbled and untidy (much like life!), but it arrived with very clear imagery and emotions

The Flow of Life

             We are being reminded of how important it is to move along with what-ever-comes, rather than fight against it.  This is the expanded version.

             As in, to flow along.  Serenely sailing around the rocks and obstacles, instead of floundering and splashing and basically sinking the boat.

             When we look at how change comes along, like a stump rising up out of the smooth water, or a set of rapids right around that next corner, it makes sense that we struggle with it.  And that’s the point we need to address.

             Our reaction is what the Universe wants us to see, and to get past.  We ARE capable of riding it out.  And then, enjoying the journey and scenery as we go.

             I was directed to dive back into our regular rotation around the card altar for this daily draw.  (The similarity here is reassuringly validating, while the background looks a LOT like a river.)

guardian angel messages

Triumphant  ~

Guardian Angel

You will be triumphant and your desires will manifest.  Any obstacles that you’ve been experiencing are temporary.  Your guardian angels are taking care of the details to remove them from your path.

Don’t worry about the appearance of challenges, because they are just an illusion that will soon disappear.  If you worry excessively about these issues, you’ll fuel them with power and energy.  See them instead as wispy clouds that can’t really block you.

This is an especially important time for you to stay in steady contact with (Mr and Mrs) God and your angels.  Sometimes when we’re under stress, we forget to pray and ask for Heaven’s help – yet these are the times when it’s best for us to enlist the assistance of Creator and celestial guides.

It is your angels’ great pleasure to help you navigate along a smooth path.  They know that you will grow faster in a peaceful setting, just as a plant grows strongest with the optimal nutrients, sunlight, and water.

Your life is becoming more stable with a quieter form of excitement.  The drama of obstacles is now a thing of the past.”

Today’s Deck:

Saints & Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s Sharing:

is the following view of mid-winter Hope.

neighborhood walks
This yard is done so simply (naturally), and yet so effectively.

             I took a walk the other day (was inspecting a neighborhood report of broken water pipes, which was unfounded, by the way).  It was clear and crisp out.  With sightings of sprouts and greenery.  We’ll still have another solid few months of freezing bouts, but these dots of color are always such a welcome thing to come across.