We live in a world of hierarchy.  A place of structure and rules.  Now, not all of us are good rule-followers (me!), even though none of us can avoid the Universal Laws, or the Laws of Nature.

             (Although, there are those who try to fight them, too.)

             Our message today is about releasing / ignoring / letting go of some of those “restrictions” that we may be feeling, while continuing to live within the overall concept.



             There are times and situations where we must be our strongest and most focused selves.  And then, there’s not.  Much of life is about play and ease and happiness.

             What we need to understand is how to be whole, while combing both sides.  How to be at ease and joyful, while still doing the right and responsible thing.  That balance is key.

             Often we go the completely wrong direction, thinking that the opposite is true.  By being overly harsh, or as we spoke of yesterday, negative, we can lose some of our joy.

             Today’s draw is the perfect way to view this challenge.  It’s a way we CAN live, and a way we CAN walk our path with genuine lovingkindness and truth.

archangel zadkiel

“Compassion  ~

Archangel Zadkiel:

‘Soften your heart with respect to this situation, and all the people involved, including yourself.’

Additional Message:

‘I can help you forgive yourself and others, or to compassionately see everyone’s point of view.

You needn’t change your stance or behavior.  It simply means approaching the situation with a loving heart, which empowers you and allows creative solutions to pour forth.”

Working with Archangel Zadkiel:

Archangel Zadkiel’s name means ‘Righteousness of God,’ and he helps us release unforgiveness toward ourselves and others.  Ask him to come into your dreams and act like a chimney sweep, clearing away any emotional toxins from your heart.

He’ll ensure that everyone’s needs are met, and that emotional healing occur in miraculous ways.”

Today’s Deck:

Archangel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s Personal Sharing:

is to say that we undecorated The Burrow this evening.  Every year it’s the opposite of fun, and every year Dan and I do it alone.  It’s a slice of life that I do not enjoy.  A lesson for me.

             This time, I decided that I wanted to keep the tree a tiny bit longer.  So I did.  Naked, but still in the house.  The act of not getting rid of that part of the season was very healing.

             (I really just need more trees inside with me, that’s what it comes down to.)


2 thoughts on “Your turn, my turn, their turn.

  1. Our tree is on the back deck. In its stand, still. Our lights are still up, and will remain so until we have a teensy bit more light.

    I could work with Zadkiel.

  2. J.D. had a brilliant idea last night (during an emergency 1 a.m. laundry run). We need to make a designated Winter theme for decorating. Keep the tree up, but put away those multicolored lights and Yule ornaments. Replacing them (on the tree and around the house/deck) with blues, whiles, clears. As celebration of Winter, until, as you said, we get more natural light in our days.

    I am totally going to work on this!

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