Within the spiritual and metaphysical community, this time of year/this demarcation on our calendars, is busy.  While at the same time being contemplative and quiet.  (We are nothing if not oppositional and serene at the same time.)

              We look towards what the energy is like (or what it appears to be like) for the next twelve months.  We examine where this upcoming phase will take us.  We are now casting our eyes forward (while continuing to stay present).

             In this quest, and to gather more info and knowledge, I recently sat down to view Doreen’s annual oracle card video.  I’ll go back and re-watch portions of this, as 2015 develops.  (You may want to do the same.)

             Coming up, there seems to be a lot of “letting go” messages, from  what she perceived, from what I’ve been reading about lately, from what I’m also hearing and picking up.  We’ve discussed this topic before, apparently we’ll keep doing it.

             The lessons right now, for all of us, and for me personally here in The Burrow, are mostly about:


             Today, as yet-another appointment was canceled on me, that was brought front and center.  Again.  (I’m also battling with the city’s tree-scalping crew.  Again.  Plus, my painfully infected burn still isn’t healing.)

             The truth of all this is that, what we think is going on, really might not be.  Best for all to be über flexible right now.  Because things are going to CONTINUE changing around us.

             Let’s return to our regular rotation around the card altar and seek some nice distracting happiness, shall we?  Because remember, we are able to change these challenges into blessings.  Or, at least we can change the view of them.

choosing happiness

“Soaring Into Joy  ~

‘Childlike wonder fills my life.’

Card meaning:

Celebrate and live life with glee!  Clap your hands in delight!  Be madcap and spontaneous now.  All is truly well.

The Universe wants you to know:

Allow a childlike wonder and joy to fill your entire being.  Your happiness makes a difference to others, for as you experience true delight, this radiates out from you like ripples in a still pool and touches the souls of many.

Take time for yourself.   Find ways to experience joy in every moment.  Even when doing the most mundane, boring, or gritty tasks, look for ways to feel genuine happiness.

If you have trouble finding pleasure in certain situations, start small, and eventually you will soar.  To feel joyful is a gift.  It rejuvenates you and heals the world.

Questions to ask yourself:

What gives me the greatest pleasures?  What might be blocking my joy?  What’s the key to experiencing more bliss in my life?


Childlike wonder fills my life.”

Today’s Deck:

Gateway Oracle Cards by Denise Linn

Today’s Power Statement:

I am perfect, whole, and complete.