This was a long and difficult day for us here in The Burrow.  We’re still dealing with unfortunate (and costly) car issues.  (And I have a really painful, badly infected burn on one of my fingers.)

             Also, it was hair trim day for me.

straightened hair
Mostly I’m sharing this as part of the documentation process.

             We already know that my hair grows fast and healthy.  But every 6 months, when I have the broken ends snipped off, we are all (still) amazed.  This is why I now give it away every five years.

             In dealing with the ups and downs of life all day, my channeled message was set to the side.  But that’s fine, because it was more of a “be mindful” shout-out anyway.

             (For more inspirational goodness, be sure to click on that link above.)

             These are the phrases I heard:

  • greed awareness
  • don’t ask for more (than we need)
  • scarce resources
  • global living
  • eco-consciousness
  • earth-care.

             Which brings me to our other second view for this new year.

fence photos
Not at all what I’m seeing out my window currently. But some of you certainly are.

             To protect our riches resources and terrestrial/celestial gifts, we need to be aware of them.  To be aware of them, we need to be out in them.  Taking a quick walk is the easiest way that I know of to reconnect with our (Earth) mother.

Today’s Contribution:  

The 2015 Old Farmer’s Almanac Weather Watcher’s Calendar

Today’s View:

is called “sunlight sparkles through an ice storm’s aftermath in south central Nebraska” by Mike Hollingshead


5 thoughts on “Caution and Care

  1. Seems to be a bit of contraryness to our little corners of the world these days. I love the “weather watchers” calender…that is one I would like. My two calenders for the year are one of Scotland and one made by my sister in law featuring photos of us on our last European extravaganza. The photo for January has me and Mrs. Denial holding a German beer apiece along the Rhine…in a rainstorm.

    Earth care indeed. Global self care.

  2. Very, very cold here. 17 degrees with windchill below zero. Brrrrr. I don’t go out for long in this. Frostbite city. What’s sad is that we don’t have any views like your calendar. The wind has been blowing hard enough to keep the snow from sticking everywhere but the ground. *meep* It is rather amusing, however, when the wind puffs from different directions causing it to snow ‘up’ or in little tornadoes in midair between the trees. 🙂

    Soak that finger in salt water! And hit it with some hydrogen peroxide. If it’s really bad you might need to pull the scab off and re clean it. (*shudders at the thought*) Burns are nasty things. (Refraining from over share.) Please, please take care of yourself.

    1. I won’t need to debrade it on my own, it got scraped across some of the pokey bits on my handlebars night-before-last, and ripped the scabs right off.

      (There is no emoticon horrible enough for what that felt like.)

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