Shall we mix things up a bit?  Yes, let’s.  I’ve started a new book (recommended by one of my mental health team members), am about a third of the way through, at this point.

             All I could think about last night and this morning is their theory.  So, it’s become our message.  (Because I have learned, when channeling and living as a radio, to never question where the Universe is leading me.)


             By which they mean, a similar way of looking at the Acceptance theme.  In chapter 3 it says that,

making room for unpleasant feelings and sensations instead of trying to suppress them ….

is a more natural way of dealing with our entire scope of being.

             I never disagreed with this, I just had a hard time with the practice of it.  (Hence my decades-long relationship with denial.)

             Personally, when I look at Accepting the “all” of who are, it becomes a sturdy and stable stepping stone to the next lesson.  Reframing the sensations and images in our heads and hearts as neither good nor bad gives them less validity.

             These words in our brains are merely the stories our minds tell us.  Some are helpful and truthful, and some bring harm due to their falseness.   The trick is figuring out which is which, and how to deal with both.

             I’ll keep you posted as I move through this, and process it all.  So far, I like where it’s headed.  No doubt there will be more sharing.  For right now, our reminder is to continue expanding as we accept in our healing journey.

Today’s Resource:

is The Happiness Trap by Russ Harris

Today’s Beautiful Place To Focus Our Eyes:

is one of my new January calendar pages.

calendar images
All images are in these same grey tones.

             No words.  Just this view.  I’m already a huge fan.  The serenity and grace is evident and nearly tactile.

             From: DateWorks 2015 Angels


4 thoughts on “What Words When

  1. There are some images that lend themselves with depth and texture. Most of the ones that have stood out for me are pictures of nature (two outstanding ones are of the redwoods and of a tropical beach; both of them I could look at for hours and be there…) This one rates pretty high for that depth and texture thing.

  2. Wow. Now that is a statue I would put in my yard. Near or in my garden. With the amount of detail, it probably cost a small fortune. But what a wonderful image!

    1. It might be from a cemetery. And now, with the way they can cast everything in silicon molds, the details don’t make the price go up as much as the overall size.

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