Our message arrived as a jumbled mess.  I’ve been thinking about it all day, trying to sort the words and feelings into some kind of cohesive expression.

             What I saw and felt was a mixture of how we’re all very different and we’re all essentially the same.  Not a new idea, but one that we can always stand to revisit.

             But then, there was more.  More to this, more that continued to feel disheveled.  Like a bad hair day.  Only, on the inside.

             Partly I am bothered by this because there were some conversations around the interwebz lately that not everyone is “allowed” to be themselves.  Like, it’s not always safe to just be who we are.

             I don’t believe our world can continue with that type of unfortunate statement being part of our truth.  If we cannot strive to reach higher, learn more, and be our complete and true honest self, well then, we need to change some shit.

All varieties and options, 

in a hate-free state.

             We can be the catalyst, me and you.  We can be the light for those who feel stuck in the dark.  We can lead by example.  For every negative, complain-y thought, we can show how to switch over.  How to pour lovingkindness on it.  All of it.

             Here’s a good way to get started.  Back within our regular rotation around the card altar, let’s begin by focusing on this.

clarity crystals

“Stichtite in Serpentine  ~

meditation, clearing your energy centres, detoxifying your thoughts

Fear and negative thoughts are preventing you from experiencing peace and joy in your life.  They are blocking your creativity, and as a consequence, your life seems dull and dreary.

You can change this situation by consciously choosing to love and trust the universe instead of fearing it.  Sit quietly in meditation and invoke the healing power of love, imagining yourself bathed in beautiful healing light and energies.

Visualize all the colours of the rainbow swirling within and around you.  Feel these beautiful healing colours flowing through your mind and heart and imagine your thoughts being infused with eternal light.

Practice this each day as it will help transform your negative and fearful thoughts to positive inspirations.

There is nothing to fear, you are eternally surrounded by love.”

Today’s Deck:

Crystal Healing Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Universal Truth, via Cheryl Richardson:

diets don’t work because feelings won’t disappear with a food plan.


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  1. I have been having some fascinating conversations with my nephew lately, many of them based on the popular theme of racist law enforcement, disproportional force applications to people of color; some of them on the broader aspects of white privilege, cis privilege, and monogamy privilege. He posted a meme the other day that I will find and send on to you via email that touches on what your jumble of words sounds like it might be about.

      1. OMG. Apparently senility is closer than I thought. I searched for stichtite to see if it had come up before my time. Mmeeerp. Wrong answer! This is it’s third time around. And I commented on it’s second trip through, though not about the crystal. *shakes head* Mayhaps I should start playing some of those computer memory games…

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