Following along with yesterday’s theme, this morning I woke up to abundant scenes of a similar attitude.  The feel was very freeing and open.

             As we now know, the less we resist, the less resistance there is.  So today’s message is pretty sensible.


             Are we able to enter 2015 with our true selves showing?  Because that’s what the Universe is recommending.  That we wear nothing false, nothing negative.

             It’s not as scary as it sounds, though.  Once we get the hang of just being genuine, it becomes the most direct route to healing.  Making our lessons that much easier to learn.

             To mark the calendar transition, and to get us going on this liberating and truthful path, I was directed to our Special Occasion cards.  Numerically, today (as I write this) is the start of a new cycle:

January + First + 2015 = 10, or One.  This draw adds down to a 2.  The sequence is significant.  As is the definition.

abundance messages

“Grey Kangaroo  ~  29  ~  Abundance

When questioned about what wealth means to you, would you say that having copious amounts of money would definitely seal the deal?  If so, it would be a good answer – but the wrong one.

To focus exclusively on the acquisition of money only amplifies how little you have.  When you concentrate on your desire to attain money, you are effectively nurturing ‘poverty mentality,’ a state of mind supported by society and inherited ways of thinking.  It feeds poverty mentality because it prevents you from seeing the wealth that surrounds you everyday; the wealth that comes with family and friends.

To know true love is to hold supreme wealth.  When you know that wealth rarely takes the form of money or gold, you release the monetary mindset so fear of lack can be transmuted into trust.  In doing so, the block obstructing your stream of abundance may be removed forever and greater cash flow will result.  Letting go of lack will essentially result in gain.

Grey Kangaroo once offered its rich meat, warm pelt, and strong bones, which were useful as cutting and digging implements.  Prosperity meant healthy children, a full stomach, and a warm, dry sleeping place to the people.  They believed the land would provide all they needed and, if they lived in harmony with the Earth Mother, their life would be safe and plentiful as a result.  So long as the Grey Kangaroo was there, the people knew that they would never know hunger or suffering.  Its mere existence promised true abundance.

If Grey Kangaroo has vaulted into your cards today, your life will soon be rich with productive emotion, thought, and knowledge.  These fundamentals will abundantly serve the personal needs of both you and your family.  What you require is currently manifesting and your needs are soon to be met.

Grey Kangaroo reminds us to always separate what we want from what we need, before commencing the hunt for either.  To seek what we materialistically want above what we realistically need, will result in continued stagnation.

Grey Kangaroo’s appearance acts as a reminder that as children of the Earth, it is our birthright to have all our requirements fulfilled – so long as our requests are offered in a sacred way.”

Today’s Deck:

Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards by Scott Alexander King

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4 thoughts on “Revealing Autonomy

  1. What a fabulous card to start the new year with. The old EST training had a phrase: what you resist, persists. Catchy, and yet if you stop and think about it, makes a lot of sense.

    Happy New Year to you and the family.

  2. Good card and message for today. A new year already! Whew! And I guess I need to go change out some calendars. *shakes head* Time just flies anymore.

    And I have a question for you. I haven’t been to Sarah’s site in months. I could have sworn she said she was shutting down the blog because of all the nasty people showing up. I read what you had linked to and then wanted to see what she said about the full moon. But it blocked me and said I had to be a subscriber. I couldn’t read anything else. Is that how she decided to handle the situation, by making it a subscriber site? I could read your link just fine, I just couldn’t go anywhere from there.

    Happy New Year to you and yours. Hope you had a wonderful day!

    1. There are monthly round-ups of hers that everyone can read. Like the one I linked to. But yes, she did go to subscription for the daily, weekly, and “special event” posts.

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