This morning’s images and views were striking in their clarity, bright and vivid.  As I’ve said before, every one arrives differently.  These, these were Technicolored.

             The basic message is about how we are seen and how we see.  Not the outside, not our shell body.  But our ……

exposure from within.

             We’re being reminded to use our Love Eyes.  To view others from the angle of Truth and Joy.  As a result, our appearance will include the same factors.

             The more we utilize lovingkindness in all outward dealings, the more it naturally comes from within.  By putting this into practice, as often as we can, we are increasing our healing.  Of ourselves and all of those we come into contact with.

             But we have to do it with a genuine heart.  We have to truthfully WANT to help and be helped.  It’s a clever way to smooth out our lessons.

             And returning to our regular rotation around the card altar today, this draw can be used in similar way.

robin wood wands
King of Wands

              Look at the brilliance of shade and hue in this illustration.  The colors pop and the lines are definitive.  Very much the way I saw our message being delivered.

             He stands with ease, he is comfortable in his skin and his costume.  He is clear in his season and his light.  He arrives so that we may feel the same.

             Our power is bright, our strength is clear.  Our comfort is available for us to enjoy.  We need only reach out and take it.

             The challenge is in the taking.  We are more than worthy, and once we get past that “do I deserve it?” attitude, then a direct line is opened, our path ahead is free of obstacles.

Today’s Deck:

Robin Wood Tarot

Thought for Pondering:

Every day may not be good –

but there’s good in every day.


4 thoughts on “Presentation

  1. Good card, good message!

    “Every day may not be good – but there’s good in every day.” Yes, just have to remember to look for it. I try to remind myself that the very fact that I’m alive to bitch about the ‘not good’ makes it a good day right there. 🙂

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