Last night I got an unexpected plea from the mall girls.  Could I come in one final shift?  So, of course, I did.  It was not difficult.  And the bus ride was convenient, entirely pleasant.

             However, this (or possibly our-housecoat-wearing-houseguest, or something else entirely) left me a bit unsettled upon waking in the morning/start of my day.  What I heard was a list, not a cohesive message.  (This isn’t a problem, merely stating the facts.)

             It’s exactly what I’m sharing now, here we go:

  • power
  • energy
  • recharge
  • strength
  • sensitivity
  • multi-tiered
  • competence 
  • ability.

             What I saw was an appliance that maybe hasn’t been invented yet.  It was so clever, hopefully someone will manufacture it soon.

             The idea was that we could plug (without actual plugs) all manner of appliances and devices into it, sort of like a docking station for whatever we needed to have charged up, simultaneously.

             What this says, on a metaphysical level, is that there are many ways to retain our power.  Some new, some old, some basic, some in the most simple of ways.

             What we don’t want to forget though, is that our strength never diminishes our emotionality.  We are complex beings, and we must be nurtured as such, no matter how strong we also are.

             For our daily draw, I was directed away from the card altar.  Looking at this illustration and definition, I can see why.

silent call for help answered

“Angel of Support  ~

‘The Universe has heard your silent call for help.’

The Universe has heard your silent call for help and has sent an angel to support and guide you through the current circumstances.

Your financial and emotional wellbeing is about to take a turn for the better through an unexpected blessing or sudden change in fortune that is soon to come your way.

Surrender all fear and anxiety to (Mr and Mrs) God and trust!  The Universe is conspiring to help you.

Emotional, spiritual, and material support come through a seemingly chance encounter with someone new, or through an unexpected offer.  Stop worrying.”

Today’s Deck:

Angels, Gods, and Goddesses Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Website News:

is announce that this post marks my 7 year blog-iversary.  Oh yeah, I am nothing, if not persistent.  (Dedicated?  Or maybe just stubborn.  Results are the same.)


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  1. Woot! Seven years! Congratulations!

    I was told by someone long ago about all the wonderful clever inventions that are out there right this minute in the patent office. The problem is money. No one wants to manufacture something that is going to last for decades without repairs. There isn’t any real money in it. They want to make lots of individual things that break down and need replaced. So wonderful things are languishing for lack of potential profit. Maybe even your wonderful appliance.

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