Before sitting down here to type, I glanced back a bit (archivally) to see if we had discussed today’s message topic recently.  I couldn’t find it.  And yet, it felt like this had come up in the not-too-distant past.

             So many of our themes have that same sense.  As if we JUST talked about it.  But, it must have only felt like we did.  Probably because they are usually subjects we live with every day, and that makes them so close to our hearts and minds.

             This morning I woke up with the vivid image of an hourglass.  The sand wasn’t moving.  But it also hadn’t run out.


             Like time is so fluid, it can even stop.  Or go faster than we want it to.  Or, it can drag on for seemingly everrrrr.

             The Universe is reminding us that the cycles of time and our version of them don’t always match up.  Or rather, when they do, it’s at the point of our ceasing to worry about them.

             Back within our regular rotation around the card altar right now we have an excellent draw to help illustrate where we need to be on this one.

osho zen major arcana

“Silence  ~  XVII  ~  Major Arcana

The silent mirrrolike receptiveness of a star-filled night with a full moon is reflected in the misty lake below.  The face in the sky is deep in meditation, a goddess of the night who brings depth, peace, and understanding.

Now is a very precious time.  It will be easy for you to rest inside, to plumb the depths of your own inner silence to the point where it meets the silence of the universe.

There’s nothing to do, nowhere to go, and the quality of your inner silence permeates everything.  It might make some people uncomfortable, accustomed as they are to all the noise and activity of the world.

Never mind; seek out those who can resonate with your silence, or enjoy your aloneness.  Now is the time to come home to yourself.

The understanding and insights that come to you in these moments will be manifested later on, in a more outgoing phase of your life.”

Today’s Deck:

Osho Zen Tarot

Today’s Sharing:

is simply to say that we have spent FAR more hours than seem proper on connectivity issues today.  Our local internet provider is filled with helpful folks who, as one remarked, are only as good as the buttons they are provided with.

            End result: new fancy shmancy router-with-built-in-modem-all-in-one-high-tech-box.  And new passwords all around.

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4 thoughts on “Maintaining Our Composure

  1. We have talked about time recently, and how it isn’t really linear. Just don’t ask me when, since an axiom I read about two year olds also applies to those over fifty: “If it happened in the past, it happened yesterday. If it happens in the future, it is on Tuesday.”

  2. Yep. Time can be a real bite. Saver wanted to take her fish back with her, but it’s not allowed on the bus. So we borrowed a car (ours is unhappy and needs work) and spent the day on the road. The trip out had smiles and laughter and while not short, was pleasant. We couldn’t stay, so we took her home and then to work, a whole 2 hours of ‘hurry’ and then we left. The trip home took “for seemingly everrrr”. We couldn’t wait to get home. Same trip, same distance, but felt 10 times as long. Perception is everything.

    I’m going to have to suck it up and deal with connectivity issues here. The internet keeps blooping out several times a day, especially in the evening. *sigh* And our crap is current. I’m practicing ‘gratitude’, reminding myself that at least I HAVE internet to fight with. It provides me with blogs to connect with special people, bike racing live in Europe, information on all kinds of things, new music, videos, shopping…. I am GRATEFUL to be able to whine here at one of my favorite places to visit! 😀

    Hope your Holidays were fun and full of Happy!

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