When we sit with an intention, or meditate towards a goal, or even pray with a purpose, we generally have an outcome in mind.  What I saw this morning was a reminder that this method might not always be in our best interest.

             We are being instructed to release the expectation and accept what will come.  Because the impending result will be FAR better than we could plan, or even imagine.


but welcome.

             Even though we did lay out this lifetime, we did sketch the blueprint, all of these fine details are about the learning curve.

             How we’re doing on our lessons changes how the rest of our lessons are presented.  It’s all connected, and our growth is the link.

             Accepting what blessings and gifts come our way is a much better route to getting what we can truly benefit from.

             Our daily draw expands on this message beautifully.  (Even though I’m not a fan of this particular illustration.)

master teacher lessons

“Purpose  ~  38  ~  Master Teacher

Consistency, Dedication, Reliability, Faithfulness

You are beginning to stride into your purpose.  Work is no longer a struggle, and your Master Teacher is guiding you along the way.  The more aligned you become with your life’s proper path, the more your days will flow with ease.

You’ll lose track of all barriers as you go with the flow and throw your heart and soul into your efforts.  Your dedication will pay off in the long run, but even this isn’t important; your efforts are their own reward.

Doing what you love so well and so faithfully fulfills you.  Your challenge is to resist the temptation to push yourself to exhaustion.  Remain measured and steady, and don’t overlook the importance of taking a day of rest at least once a week.

Your Master Teacher is pleased with your progress, but reminds you that even though you may love your work and feel that you could work forever, your body and mind do get fatigued.

Develop the wisdom to know when to step away and refresh your soul.  Your Master Teacher’s message right now is about pacing yourself.”

Today’s Resource:

Ask Your Guides Oracle Cards by Sonia Choquette

Today’s Local News:

includes these (clickable) phone photos from one of our shopping centers.  (There are some additional views on their website and Facebook page.)

oakway center loss
They had already taken the limbs off (and protectively boarded the windows, none were broken, just covered) by the time we got to see it (and say good-bye) in person.

             Since I hardly ever shop, and when I do, I buy almost entirely used clothing, and have never really given much thought to labels or brands, this is not usually a place I frequent.

crashed oak tree
From another angle.

             The thing is though, this place is owned by a woman who spent WAY more money (more than once) than she had to in order to save that grove of massive, stately old oaks.  For that, I’ll always admire her.

             Thank you, beautiful (giver-of-life) tree, for all you’ve done and provided; my hope is that your remains are put to good and appreciated use.


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  1. If the woman you mention is the woman who owns the mall, she is also a huge benefactor to music in the area, sponsoring the harpsichord player in the Oregon Mozart Players, among others. A very nice lady that I got to meet a few weeks ago. Glad you got to say goodbye to the tree.

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