Just a quick refresher, here’s how my channeled messages work.

  • I wake up with the information (scenes, words, feelings)
  • I jot down notes before doing (practically) anything else
  • we live with the message all day
  • at some point (before midnight) I get the post written and up

             The reason I’m feeling directed to remind everyone about my procedure has to do with what was shared with me earlier today.

victorian family yule
This is very similar to what I saw.

             The only word I heard (and I heard it over and over and over and over) was:


             I’m sharing this all in hopes that your festivities are able to continue.  (And if you are not involved in any festivities right now, here’s to hoping that you will be soon.)

Today’s Power Idea:

The more fun I put in to my life,

the more fun my life will be.


6 thoughts on “Gatherings

  1. There has been a great deal of seasonal celebration in my world this past week. From the most festive Solstice celebration, to a family celebration (where the cross-stitched towel was a delight, and will be bringing another commission) to a framliy breakfast/presents/dinner/music get together. Celebrate indeed!

  2. Love that little picture! It was a semi-sweet Christmas this year as two of our fur-babies passed within the last month. We didn’t have anyone to attack and shred gift wrap all over the livingroom. But we did have Saver home for Christmas which helped us considerably, though for her it brought home that they were gone. She was happy, however, to be home and see everyone and sit and talk to and play video games with her brother. So, semi-sweet. We had -three- gatherings yesterday to make sure Saver got to at least hug everyone! And we ate ridiculous amounts of food – not all of it good for us! 😀 It was a warm (metaphorically) and cozy day.

    Hope everyone had a wonderful day full of warmth and laughter!

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