Another day of waking up with nothing but lists in my head.  Not whole sentences, nor even complete ideas.   The Universe just hands me random linguistic parcels.  And then goes, “so hey, make that all cohesive and shit.  M’kay?”

             I’m trying!  But not every message falls in to place easily.  This one, as an example, is much more about images and feelings.  Plus a few patchy lumps of words.

             To start us off, we have ……..


             But also,

kindness to animals.

             And then there was this:


to be guardian of, 


             Basically, the recommendation is for us to be thinking of caring about/for those who need the most help.  Going outside of ourselves and bestowing aid where ever it is needed.

             Continuing our theme of being Earth conscious, we’ve returned to our regular rotation around the card altar to be greeted by this solemn and important reminder.

seed of creation

“Scarab Beetle  ~

‘What is unregarded or discarded holds a secret, a seed of creation.’

Armored shining jewel, Egypt’s sacred symbol, Scarab generates life from the waste of others.

Look at what you discard or even despise, for within its form lie the germs of creation.  For some this may mean procreation; for others, artistic creation as symbolized by the flowering of the seeds buried in Scarab’s ball of dung.

Consider also those unregarded in the river of life.  One may be the catalyst for a new endeavor, another hold unguessed-at-knoweldge, or even the secret that will unlock your heart.”

Today’s Resource:

Animal Messages – Seek Inspiration From Your Animal Guides  by Susie Green

Grand-Dog Money Shot:

here is my first-thing-today view of a cozy and comfortable scene.

In their jammies.

             We currently have a houseguest.  Who wears a housecoat.


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  1. Squee! I will have a house guest for Christmas, too! My daughter will be arriving by bus at 2 am in the Big City. We will getting home VERY late, or should I say early? 😀 She can only stay for 2 days, but we’ll take it! (Thank goodness, no wee ones to wake us up at the butt crack of dawn!)


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