This morning I was shown a series of beautiful images.  Scenes of great artistry and craftsmanship.  Exquisitely detailed views of true dedication.

             The message is about value.  Again.  But this time the importance is aimed outwards.  And is more physical than we’ve heard about before.

Good and Old

             An example would be hand-wrought cabinetry.  Or jewelry assembled from any assortment of collected materials.  Basically what is the epitome of recycling/reusing: salvage craft.

             When we think of how important our resources are, we then realize how valuable each and every component truly is.  Throw-away, disposable, one-time only products aren’t the way we need to be going, I was reminded.

             To appreciate something created and crafted by hand is to honour our entire planet, not just the artist who designed, constructed, or prepared it.  Appreciating what comes from us is to respect each other, our Mother Earth, and ourselves.

             Another perspective is to look at this by way of our daily draw.  When we say our truth, we can then live our truth.  Artfully so.

say it like it is

“Angel of Communication  ~

‘Communicate clearly;

don’t be afraid to tell it like it is.’

One of your major lessons in this lifetime is to learn to communicate what you want clearly.   You assume that those around you know what you want or how you feel.  Yet the truth is that they do not.

Because of your failure to communicate honestly and clearly, those around you often end up confused or, at best, having to guess what it is you want, feel, or expect.

Do not be afraid to say it like it is.  You cannot lose anything by simply stating your truth.  You do not need to blame or accuse others in order to speak your truth, just state your case clearly.

Underlying this whole issues is a fear of not being accepted or not gaining the approval of others, and therefore you are often afraid to speak up.

Know that it is an act of love unto yourself and others to communicate clearly, lovingly, and honestly.

The Angel of Communication is here to help you work through this issue.  Through this process you will honour and empower yourself and gain much respect and love from others.”

Today’s Resource:

Angels, Gods, and Goddesses Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Personal Gratitude:

is for my family.  Thank you.


4 thoughts on “Legitimate and Authentic

  1. I love old handcrafted things. Once upon a time, people made things to last. Like furniture. It would be handed down from one generation to the next and needed to be strong enough to make it. I was just talking to my BFF about how much that change I cashed in weighed and the fact it was in my buffet drawer. “But that’s old stuff, right? From your other house?”, she asked. And I remembered it was from the 40’s! I’m using 70 year old furniture! I liked that.

    I also learned something new this week that sorta fits here. Did you know that the Egyptians made miniatures to put in their tombs? A lot of them were made of wood which was only good for two or three hundred years. (Though there were also some of clay and alabaster.) Tomb robbers were also a problem. So there haven’t been a lot of them found. And those found were usually buried in sand and in lower Egypt where it was dry. These little things are thousands of years old!! Here are some pictures:

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