Here’s what’s on the calendar for December 21st, 2014:

Winter Solstice at 2:52 p.m.

Dark Moon at 5:36 p.m.

and Uranus direct at 2:45 p.m.

             This is a lot!  Hoping it delivers Joy and many blessings to everyone .

             Our message is brought to us by the Special Occasions deck, but even more than that, it’s a validation draw.  This is NOT our first Frog for the month.

dreaming oracle cards australia

“Frog  ~  40  ~  Cleansing

When Frog’s chorus is heard, it generally indicates approaching rain.  Symbolically, it implies a need to settle the emotional dust that prevents the stream of life from flowing in a productive manner.  It promises to cleanse our Spirit by stimulating the release of sacred tears and the freeing of pent up emotion.

Those who live in the Australian Outback look forward to the wet season because it soothes the earth, promising new growth and fertility.  In similar fashion, when we welcome our cleansing tears we are reassuring our self that everything will be okay and that all will work out in the end.  Instinctively we are preparing our bodies for fruitful new beginnings and the conclusion of emotional barrenness and drought.

When we journey through life denying ourselves of emotional cleansing, we grow numb to the possibility of change.  We stop looking for opportunity and signs of new growth.  We begin to see life as empty, sterile, and deficient; we forget what life was like before the drought.

When honoured, though, our tears hold the power to strengthen us and deepen our sense of self-worth.  They help us look at life in a bountiful way.  Our tears welcome fertility and growth back into our life, but only when they are celebrated.

To deny them, or to see them as signs of weakness, is to guarantee a drought that will forever hamper life and any chance of emotional healing.  Where there is no love, encouragement, or support, there is no chance of growth.  Without rain, there is no life.  Without tears there can be no healing.

If Frog has sung his way into your cards today, you are being encouraged to embrace your tears and to see them as a chance to rid yourself of emotional, physical, and spiritual burden.  Frog is reminding you to take time out for yourself, to shun negativity, and fear, and to release emotional baggage.

Frog dreaming teaches us to welcome and honour our tears and to see them as a healthy way to cleanse the soul of pain, grief, and longing.  It offers us the chance to recharge our batteries and reclaim a sense of balance and healing in our lives, thus affording us a fertile new ground on which to start again.”

Today’s Resource:

Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards by Scott Alexander King

Today’s Positive Thought:

beginning tomorrow, for the next half of the year, each day will be just a wee bit sunnier (even in the rain).


8 thoughts on “Longest night, shortest day.

  1. Love Frog and their message. My Mom’s secondary totem was Frog, and I can see why. Solstice and dark moon together…truly the darkest night! I note a small latitudinal anomaly… our earliest sunset was on the 13th at 4:34. Our latest sunrise looks to be 7:47 on the 30th… but we have turned the corner! Days are getting longer. Think I’ll light a yule log tonight.

  2. For us back here, it’s 6:03 local time. And a whopping 9 hours and 17 minutes of daylight today. It is, however, now safe for planting seeds and repotting plants. It is said they grow better when this is done while the days are getting longer.

    Today is my BFF’s birthday and we will be going out to see The Hobbit in the theaters.

    And I have been crying enough for 3 people. I have to have my cat put to sleep. The cancer is eating her up and she’s having trouble breathing. I really dislike this part of pet ownership.

    1. (((HUGS))) Poor kitty!!! It’s so hard to part with our wonderful animal companions. May you find peace in releasing her from her painful shell, knowing that her spirit will be with you.

    2. Indeed, the hardest part of pet ownership. Wonka (my cat) just rubbed my elbow while I was typing this, sending you his kitty loves.

  3. Happy Solstice! Powerful energies indeed! When I first saw your post last night I thought frog was appropriate, as the frog chorus is singing loudly every night, with all the rains we’ve had! But I also thought “I don’t really have anything to cry about right now” (thankfully!) But today I caught up on episodes of one of my favorite shows, Once Upon a Time, and several times it moved me to tears, lol! (And that’s what I get for thinking the draw didn’t really apply to me!)

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