When we look at what is required for survival, there are some essentials that we all need.  And then, there’s the personal items.  The want-y things.  The stuff that maybe not everyone values in the same way that we do.

             Today’s message is a bit of a reflection for us.  We are being asked (at this time of year) to examine what we can and cannot live without.  Just, ya know, take a look.

Luxury and Basic

             For me, it’s not really items, it’s very much about my family.  But also, solitary time.  I require moments together with loved ones, followed by hours on my own.

             Some of us have hobbies or crafts or books (writing and reading).  Those are sanity saving and soul enriching necessaries.  Others, I hear, must spend time moving around vigorously.

             The point is, what WE need may not be the same as what our neighbor feels is a basic essential.  It’s not our place to judge.  Merely to acknowledge, and be honest.

             If we see someone who is “doing it wrong” this holiday (whatever holiday that is celebrated, or even not), let them have their perceived pleasure.  We’ll all hope every item and tradition of theirs is as meaningful and festive as our own.

             Within our regular rotation around the card altar, we have a reminder of another bit of importance in our lives.  Now THIS is a priority for everyone.

saint messages

“St Christopher  ~  Safe Travel

This card signals a safe passage and lets you know that St Christopher is by the side of the one who is traveling at this time.  This trip is blessed by the angels, who will ensure that all the details are taken care of.   The transportation, luggage, meals, and accommodations are being overseen by Heaven, so the way is clear for an enjoyable trip.

This can also be a message that it’s time for you to take a trip.  Have you been hankering for a relaxing vacation?  Is there a place that you’re drawn to for research or business purposes?  Is there a loved on who you’d like to visit.  If so, this card is a validation that it’s time to set the plan in motion

Today’s Deck:

Saints & Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Mall Report:

I’m exhausted.  However, being tired-and-not-the-boss, is vastly different from being stressed-and-in-charge.  One more night, then I’m probably done.  What the rest of the crew does is no longer my concern.


4 thoughts on “The Important Bits

  1. What makes us happy, indeed. I have discovered that (even as an extrovert who thrives off of contact with other people) I cherish alone time moments (recognizing that I do not require them as my introvert friends do). Many times, these moments occur on my deck, either while grilling or just sitting and having coffee/tea/water/beer and being there.

    The Mrs. and I had an interesting discovery about what replenishes us a few years back. I was recovering from some bout of something (I think it was when my intestine burst and tried to kill me) and I wanted to go to band rehearsal. For the Mrs., she could not imagine how I could find that enjoyable, until she had that “ah-ha” moment when she realized I got replenished rather than depleted by such a thing.

    There are a lot of things I can do without. Music is not one of them. Seeing my family is not one of them. Having my friends close by is not one of them. Fewer material things, more personal things. I remember my parents saying much the same things as I was an adult “don’t buy us stuff, just come over.”

  2. What makes me happiest is being in good health. I’ve had my share of health woes and value the times I feel great, and I baby myself when I don’t. Like Xenatuba can’t be without music, I can’t be without good books to read. I like to think it isn’t about the stuff we have but what we get out of that stuff. Happy holidays everyone!

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