We’re talkin’ Honesty.  Again.  Because, at this time of year, there can be pain.  And suffering.

            None of us sets out to hide behind sorrow, it sometimes just happens.  Leading directly in to old, unhappy habits.

Open and True

            Instead of allowing the judgement and/or negativity of the past to bring us down, let’s step in to the healing mind-set of looking to our most genuine potential.  Our most honest and truthful selves.

             It can feel very exposed when we allow openness into our language and emotions.  But to be as genuine as we can be, that’s where the Universe is telling us we need to start.

             Remember though, we are never alone.  We have our Team, we have support.  Anytime it’s feeling like too much, ask for angel assistance.  Calling out to our guides will instantly bring relief.

             In fact, we have one here to help us navigate any rough spots ahead.

archangel messages of truth

“Sensitivity  ~

Archangel Haniel:

‘You are extra-sensitive to energies and emotions right now.

Honor yourself and your feelings.’

Additional Message:

‘Sensitivity is a beautiful and powerful gift, and there is no such thing as being “too sensitive.”  Your sensitivity helps you know the truth about situations and people, and it’s important for you to trust and follow these hunches, intuitions, and impressions.

Spend some time alone in nature to further develop your sensitivity.  Avoid harsh situations and chemicals.  At home or at work, ask me to help you choose life-affirming foods, beverages, companions, and activities.

Know that it’s safe for you to feel deep emotions, as they are a part of your sensitivity.  Visualize the two of us sealed in beautiful bluish-white light.  This light dissolves any lower energies, transmuting them into love.

The light also helps you distinguish between your own feelings and those of other people.’

Working with Archangel Haniel:

Haniel helps us honor our natural cycles, moods, and rhythms.  She assists us in embracing all aspects of ourselves, including our strengths, setbacks, and shadows.

Call upon her if you ever feel unsure, or bad about yourself.  Haniel will help you appreciate yourself and see how beautiful you are right now.”

Today’s Deck:

Archangel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

FLP Report:

includes no fewer than FOUR plates from Minnesota!  None of them repeats.  I have no idea why this is…. but also, we recently spotted one Virginia and a new New Mexico.  Pretty sure most of the students have left by now.