For me, very much of yesterday was challenging.  I had a tough time hanging on to my serenity.  (Which is vastly similar to maintaining sobriety.)

              I had to “re-set” my attitude repeatedly.  And then, this morning, I woke up with the message of sharing it all.  (It’s a process here, people, it really is.)

             The focus is an image.  Okay?  And these are its foundations.




             Envision a pyramid.  At the top is Love.  Bottom left corner is Peace.  Bottom right corner is Joy.  Make a mental picture of this, and hold it in your mind.

             The image may be used as a mantra.  Or an intention.  Or a prayer.  Or really, in any way that works best for your brain/heart/soul.

inspirational serene ocean rainbow
This is on the wall of my card altar room, it’s a place to rest my eyes and calm my head.

            When I sit and allow my vision to see (or remember) that whaletail rainbow photo, and repeat those three specific words (backwards and forwards around the triangle), I am calmed.

             I am returning to a grounded and centered place.  I am, once more, in sacred space.  I am holy.

              Any time you need to do the same, please feel free.  Take even cleansing breaths, and sense the serenity creeping back, gently shoving out the stress and negativity.  It works.  I promise.

Today’s Resource:

and old calendar page.  And me.

This Week’s Kitchen Adventure:

was assembled by using what we had around The Burrow.  And finding a recipe on-line.

iron skillet baking
It barely fit on the largest plate we have.

              Pineapple upside-down cake, made in an iron skillet.  Dan did all the work.  (Obvs.)  And the results were grandly received.


11 thoughts on “Emotional Progress

  1. Having a good mantra, and being able to intentionally chant it to restore balance is a really good skill to have. So is cooking, which your beloved does very well. I am not quite so creative, although I am learning. I use breathing to restore my center, sometimes using pitches instead of words; notes to make a major chord. Words are good too, when I remember them.

    1. I love the musical take on a mantra! How about combining the two?… singing “Peace Love Joy” with different pitches for each word? There are different harmonic frequencies associated with each Chakra, which can often be found on YouTube… I think I’ll see if I can find the ones for root, heart & crown chakras, for peace, love & joy, respectively!

      1. I have to say that when I thought I was going to have to play Pachelbel’s Canon in D for a wedding at a very hostile to gay folk church (recall our awards banquets held at Willamette Christian Center…) for a very good friend of mine, I set out on a mission. I was going to wear a small mirror to reflect any negativity. I also decided that each of my 8 notes played 208 times (just listen to the bass line, which is the first 8 measures, and realize that that is the ONLY thing the bass, or cello player plays in that entire piece) I gave each note a very love, relationship and sex positive meaning. The crisis was averted when instead of the big hostile church at the corner of 18th and Hawkins, it was at the little family church at the corner of 18th and Cleveland. I still said the words, though! 😉

        1. OMG. Talk about perspective. My son was playing bass clarinet for the concert band at high school. He moaned and groaned about having to play it over and over. I didn’t realize just how bad that was till you gave it a number. I told him your count and he said, “Welcome to the bass world, mom.” Have you seen this?

          1. Yes I have, and love it. There is also a Bart Simpson cartoon, with him staying after class writing on the chalk board, and it is Canon in D’s bass line…

  2. I have been having difficulty maintaining serenity this week, too! I love the mantra triangle, and Ally’s musical take, and I’m going to try practicing this combination when I start getting frustrated.

    And, RAINBOW!!! My co-worker called me into her cubicle this afternoon because there was a super-bright double rainbow out her window! Yay, synchronicity!!!

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