It seems as though we’ve been focusing quite a bit lately on our own behaviour, personal reactions, and attitude.  Makes sense, these are pretty much the only things we honestly have any control over.

             When we make the choice to move past pain, suffering, and sorrow, we give ourselves the power back.  We not only hold ourselves responsible, but we empower our soul.


             When we sat down with our Team, and we planned out this life, we knew there’d be difficulties.  But, when we are Home, we forget how very challenging these lessons can be.

             Fortunately, there are Master Teaches who have clothed themselves with a body, too.  They are our link back to Joy.  And to healing.

             They remind us who we are and how we can find the best, and smoothest, paths to follow.  When we seek out their guidance, we immediately sense the calm we are seeking.

             In this season of Peace and Goodwill, it helps for us to begin from within.  Choosing a route of lovingkindness will give our journey the most happiness.

             Our daily draw, in validation, agrees completely.

ask your guide“Communicating Freely  ~

‘I communicate from the depths of my being.’

Card Meaning:

Allow the truth of your soul to be felt and heard.  It is an act of power to speak freely and easily.  Be willing to stand tall and address people from the center of your being.

Know that you can heal yourself and others through communication.  This isn’t the time to step back – rather, it is the time to step forward and share from your heart.

The Universe Wants You To Know:

You are a natural teacher, and you have the ability to empower and enrich the lives of others through your words.

Step into your role as a teacher and leader.  Additionally, if there is something that you have held back, now is your opportunity to bring the truth to the light of day.

Communication can restore trust and mend lifelong wounds.  Take a risk.  Speak from your soul with clarity and authenticity, even if it’s not easy to do.

If there is any unspoken darkness that lies heavily upon you, now is the time to unburden yourself.  If there’s someone you love whom you haven’t told, share your feelings.

Communication can heal, free, and transform your life.

Questions to ask yourself:

Is there anyone I need to communicate with?  Is there some type of communication that I have been withholding?  What might I need to do to step into my role as a teacher and leader?


I communicate from the depth of my being.”

Today’s Deck:

The Gateway Oracle Cards by Denise Linn

Today’s Sharing:

is this statement that I came across, while spending some time (metaphorically speaking) with Jack Kornfield (speaking of Master Teachers and healers).

Live in the Wisdom of Uncertainty.

             Now THAT’S something to ponder over.