There’s been a lot of talk (this time of year) about feeling guilty over holiday treats.  Which is not only ridiculously wasteful, but seriously absurd.

             You know how the Universe and I feel about there being no such thing as mistakes, right?  Well, guilt is way up there, alongside.  Not only is it a fabricated and futile “emotion,” but it’s also harmful.

             (Which was it’s intent originally, by the way.  The worse we feel about ourselves, the more we’ll need to be taken care of……, by “the church” by our “men” and by those who generally think themselves “in power.”)

             There is no point to guilt.  And by that we mean, nothing useful comes out of feeling bad.    I know, some folks believe that this is a catalyst for them going on to being more positive or getting shit done.  But I don’t.

             There are so many other, more positive ways of healing, of helping to get ourselves back on to the good road.

Enjoy, especially.

             So, back to the Treats.  They are called Treats for a reason!  We don’t refer to them as Meals, because meals are meals.  Treats are rare and wonderful and significantly special.  For holidays, they make the celebration MORE special.

             Bottom line, drop the guilt.  Toss it out with words like “coincidence” and “mistake” and move on with the festivities.  Bring on the Treats!  And be happy about it.  That’s what they’re for.

             (Notice how no where in here did anyone say VASTLY-OVERINDULGE or MAKE-YOURSELF-SICK.  Just tossin’ that out there.)

             Very often, these Treats are made or purchased by persons we care deeply for and about.  Our daily draw wants to bring that valuable aspect into today’s message.

appreciation messages

“Appreciation  ~  40  ~

Divine Helpers

Family, Collective, Society, Community

Now is an important time to contemplate your place in the world.  Pay attention to your influence on others, and note that you are a part of a big community.

Recognize your interactions with those around you, and respect the fact that no matter how well you may succeed on your own, you must still depend on others in myriad ways for your comfort and security.

You’re aware of this every time you switch on a light and enjoy instant electricity, or turn on a faucet and have clean drinking water at your disposal.

Your Divine Helpers are present to remind you to appreciate your fellow human being and take nothing for granted.  Recognize your need for others, and unspoken gifts they share with you.

Move beyond your self-interests right now, and participate in a common effort.  Ask yourself how you might contribute to the greater good.

Your Divine Helpers’ message:

Be responsible for your part in the great scheme of things.”

Today’s Deck:

Ask Your Guides Oracle Cards by Sonia Choquette

Today’s Sharing:

is to say that I’ve been having a lot of fun lately finding new and interesting music for my splashy movement class.

             The pool has an ancient stereo system.  Which, a few months back, decided it won’t play nicely with any device that I bring in.  This has forced me to scrounge up every old CD I can put my sticky wee hands on.

             At the library I discovered THIS artist, Keola Beamer.  The beauty in these recordings is beyond description.  Very much like Hawaii, herself.


6 thoughts on “No pain, no pain.

  1. Love the thought of Hawaiian music in the pool. I am going to dig out my Hawaiian Christmas CD today just to have a listen. A little treat, if you will. I am monitoring my treat intake; I have a tendency to over indulge on Almond Roca so I am monitoring. Not depriving, but choosing when. Besides the Almond Roca, there is also incredible beer this time of year… Again, monitoring, although I am sure that an Ill Tempered Gnome and or Bad Santa will visit this weekend.

    Nice reminder about the divine helpers, too.

      1. Yes, the tubas played Holiday Market yesterday. Last chance of the season is next week, at two, at the atrium.

  2. And don’t forget the ‘other’ guilt. You HAVE to lose weight and be skinny for the holidays! So the guilt starts way away ahead of the treats and continues through. It is something that I have never agreed with. The holidays are special. What better time to treat and ENJOY?! I don’t believe the holidays are supposed to be hell week/month. ‘Course, if we’re having fun, we’re a little hard to guilt and control…

    And what a good reminder! The corporate suits of the utilities like to put the screws to us, but they are only a small part. The rank and file workers responsible for our electricity and water and gas and garbage pickup take their jobs seriously and go to great lengths to keep us warm and pampered. We should take a moment to remember and thank them. They’re showing pics out here of the west coast and all the ‘fun’ that’s going on. And of all the crews trying to restore electricity and clear rocks and mud and get people to safety. Not exactly fun and games kind of work.

    Listened to some of the music. Nice.

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