This morning brought me a decisive message, but also a flurry of mixed emotions.  When my feelings and the channeled message don’t match, it’s part of a larger lesson.

             Here is what I heard, exactly:

truth telling.

              So, we know it has to be about living a genuine life.  Which (we also now know) starts with Self-Care.

             When we are being taken care of, we may then ripple those healing intentions outward.  Further and further, reaching and reaching.

             To tell the truth, OUR honest-from-the-heart truth, is a gift.  We honour it within, and then we share it out.

            Here’s another side to truth, on our card altar right now we are being reminded that to take on what is not our own rarely (or never!) leads to anything genuine.  (Except maybe regret, and we need to stay the hell away from that.)

say no to the burdens of others
10 of Wands

             Remember this one?  It pops up when we don’t say “no” enough.  When we take on too many sticks for others.  When we don’t begin with Self-Care.

             Additionally, the key of Wands is energy and strength.  To empower ourselves, we must be truthful.  To empower our loved ones, we must also be truthful.

             Plus, a Ten is always about cycles.  Beginning a new chapter, starting something fresh and fabulous.  Marking off decades, spiritually speaking, is a sacred and recognizable symbol.

             As an accompaniment to this message, it means, set down those burdens which are not ours.  And step forward honestly.  Ever spiraling upwards.

Today’s Deck:

Robin Wood Tarot

A Louise Hay Affirmation:

My mind and body are in perfect balance,

I am a harmonious being.


4 thoughts on “The Act Of Authenticity

  1. I love this card and its message. I have to constantly pay attention when it comes to my adult kids that I’m not attempting to carry what belongs to them. I have to step away, offer love and hugs, help if needed, and not try to fix things. Always a good lesson to learn. : )

  2. Yep. Need to work on that Self-Care. I think it’s a ‘woman thing’, if you get my drift, to neglect ourselves when things go south. So many of us are taught that taking time just for ourselves is ‘selfish’. Here’s to more selfishness in my life! 🙂

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