Ya know, these messages, how fascinating and educational they are.  (To us all.)  They just started showing up that one day.  Much like how I began to have spontaneous past life regressions.  Evidently, it was just the right time.

             Which is what we are going to look at right now: time.  Because we need to understand our relationship with being in the present.  It’s more important than we can even imagine.


and back

and now.

             Those are the words I heard.  And here is what it means.  We are being instructed to look back over our past lessons learned, and gaze forward to our future prospects (and heart’s desires), so that we may better comprehend what is happening in the exact now.

             And it makes sense.  We can certainly navigate our path better when we have good GPS and mapping on hand.  We are more able to sit with that healing aspect of mindfulness when we know WHAT will help the most.

             As well as, the added bonus of seeing and accepting the good in our present moments.

             Also, not only is this beneficial, but it’s another of those simple teaching methods that any one can utilize.  Any time, any where.

             To accompany this one, I was directed to leave our regular rotation around the card altar.  Now, I can see why.

how to heal with time, goddess of the sacred path

“Goddess Of The Sacred Path  ~

‘Let go of logic

and trust your intuition.’

This is a time to let go of what you think is logical and trust your feelings.  What is it that you would truly love to do or experience at this point in your life?

Imagine.  If you could do anything, what would it be?  The answer dwells in your heart, not in your mind.

This is because your heart holds your true essence, it is the gateway to your soul – whereas the mind dwells more within fears which often prevent us from fulfilling our true potential.

All is possible, when what you choose to do and experience, aligns with your true heartfelt purpose and dreams.  Trust your feelings.

 Start to keep a journal in which you express and explore all it is you would truly love to be, have, and do in life.  Do this lovingly and honestly and you will be gently guided along your sacred path.”

Today’s Deck:

Angels, Gods, and Goddess Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Sharing:

is a special (and über thoughtful) gift from our good friend Delia.  Go look at THIS.  It’s just so SO beautiful.  So.  So.  Beautiful.  Thank you, Dee.  Again.

             (Edited to add:  just found out those photos are clickable, and they get larger.  The beauty of it all makes me cry from joy.)