We should be prepared for the words “at this time of year” in abundance, because I’m sensing (another) theme.  Our messages are developing a focus, a very pointed intention.

             This morning I was able to see Compassion, as it truly looks and feels.  (It’s immensely comforting, in case you wondered.)

Tea & Sympathy

             Have you ever read books that take place in Australia or the British Isles?  If so, then you’re familiar with the “hot, sweet tea” treatment.

             It’s applied to nearly every situation.  Always the first part of a chapter, right after some shocking something has occurred to move the story forward.

             The soothing ritual, the calming comfort.  That’s what we are focusing on right now.

             To be sympathetic (and even empathetic), is to put ourselves in the place of the sufferer.  To feel what they are feeling.  To share deep emotions.

             When everyone around us is chasing the impossible (on, during, and near the holidays, oftentimes), a highly sensitive person can stumble, and everyone behind them might just run on, trampling without care.

             That’s our cue.  We come forward.  We pour the tea.  We guide a harried soul in to that comfy, overstuffed chair, draping a soft throw over trembling knees.

             If it’s us who becomes needful, then please, we must never be afraid to ask.  Help is available, this time of year need NOT be a stressfest.  Ask for assistance.  Or be the one who offers.

             And spiritually, if a void is being felt, our daily draw is the place to find solace.

             Personal note here, give this a chance.  Break down the words in this one, before discarding offhandedly.  The intent is what counts.  And if family IS the problem in your reality, this may be even MORE helpful.

holy spirit message of family healing

“Family  ~  10  ~  Holy Spirit

Security, Elation, Peace, Family Harmony

The Holy Spirit is touching your soul, bringing about a deeper sense of peace and serenity.  The challenges of the recent past are met, and, thankfully, you’ve survived.

Due to the Holy Spirit’s influence your trials have only strengthened your capacity to love, leaving you with an even deeper appreciation of those you care about.

The Holy Spirit particularly shines on your family and home as it heeds your prayers and oversees overall well-being at this time.  There’s no need to fret over your parents’ health, your children’s safety, or your siblings’ happiness.

All is well.  Ask the Holy Spirit to expand your capacity to move beyond personal love, and include all of humanity in your prayer for peace.

Entreat the Holy Spirit to brighten your aura and allow others to see you as a source of contentment.  The Holy Spirit’s message:

Peace be with you.”

Today’s Deck:

Ask Your Guides Oracle Cards by Sonia Choquette

Today’s Sharing:

is to remind everyone that Sarah Varcas has a new post for the new month.  Go HERE to see it.  (Her illustrations are amazingly gorgeous images that she gathers from many sources, very healing.)


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  1. My mother is right now on a jet bound for Germany, so the overseeing of her safety as she travels overseas is greatly appreciated! ❤

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