It has begun to snow on the blogs again, you know what THAT means: December!

             Like it or not (and often we do not) time just moves on along.  And in that mindset, we’re going with an early peek (by less than an hour here in The Burrow).

             Here is the first of my calendar pages for the new month.

heal yourself december
I bless others’ good fortune and know that there is plenty for all.

“Other people’s prosperity mirrors my own abundance.

My consciousness determines my prosperity.  The One Infinite Intelligence always says yes to me, and I say yes to all good.

Reverend Ike, the well known New York City evangelist, remembers walking by fine restaurants and lovely homes and fancy automobiles when he was a poor preacher, and saying out loud, ‘That’s for me, that’s for me.’

I rejoice out loud when I see abundance and I mentally make room for it to come into my life.  Being grateful for what I have helps to increase it.  This also works with talents and abilities and good health.

I recognize prosperity everywhere and rejoice in it!”

Today’s Resource:

You Can Heal Your Life 2014 Calendar by Louise Hay

Today’s (Additional) Affirmation:

My heart and mind are now filled with joy. I am a mighty reflection of all the happiness in the Universe.


4 thoughts on “Boundlessness

  1. Yes! I was thrilled to see the snow on the blog. Not thrilled it was December, but I do enjoy playing with the snow. 😀

    Good message. And I guess I should go turn the page on my calendar now too! (I swear it was Nov. 1st just yesterday!)

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