In my reading and research recently, I came across a phrase that really felt special,  I hadn’t ever thought of my situation on those terms, so it was inspiring.

             This morning that all returned, in the form of our message.  As we set our intentions, at the start of every day (we’re all doing that, right?), let’s remember to go after our dreams . . . .

or something better.

             Because, even as we visualize “the next best” step or action to take on our path, we can leave the future open to new, and as yet unimagined, possibilities.

             Stepping away from our regular rotation around the card altar on this day of thanks, we are presented with this complementary principle, reminding us of other angles and views.

mouse scrutiny

“Mouse  ~  2  ~  Scrutiny

There is a fable that tells of a Mouse who once freed a Lion securely fastened by rope bindings.  The Lion had initially scoffed at the Mouse’s timid offer of assistance, suggesting that if a mighty and brave Lion could not break the ropes then what chance did a Mouse have of doing better?  The Mouse insisted and, little by little, chewed through the knots to eventually set the Lion free.

The Mouse reminds us that if we look at life from varying vantage points, remain vigilant, and take one step at a time, checking our progress regularly, we will never be hindered by trouble.

The Mouse is small and wily enough to go through life without being detected.  Although he lives a life of cunning and deceit, his wisdom is offered today in the form of awareness.  

He teaches us to be ever alert to the tell tale signs that things are not as they should be.  Mouse is mindful of never ignoring the small, seemingly insignificant details that threaten to haunt him later.  He is aware that he may some day feel the searing pain of Owl’s talons in his back should he become complacent and let his guard down.

Mouse uses his keen sense of smell to constantly test the air for danger.  He allows his whiskers to touch everything in his path as a way of checking that all is as it should be.

If Mouse has appeared in your cards you are being encouraged to touch everything with your symbolic whiskers, particularly when signing agreements or contracts, or when considering new projects, proposals, or ventures involving other parties.  

Mouse reminds us to remain vigilant to the smaller aspects first and to check for pitfalls or hidden opportunities before rushing into anything.

Mouse promises that scrutiny will ensure we never overlook the obvious.  He demonstrates that even those who have very little influence in the way of the world can reach places of prominence if they hold great expectations.

Mouse reveals quite effectively that sometimes strength of mind prevails over strength of body.  Answers to difficult situations often lie in how the problems are perceived.”

Today’s Deck:

Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards by Scott Alexander King

Power Statement Of The Day:

Every thought I think is creating my new and prosperous future.


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  1. It is all about perspective sometimes. I use another phrase, similar: when you’re a hammer, all problems start to look like a nail. Perspective and innovation, and awareness. Good reminder on this day. Hope yours was festive.

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