We are simple, today.  Basic.  And to the point.  Stripped down to our bare foundation.

             When I was waking up earlier, I heard one word.  It was clear, and it was meaningful.  It was delivered with extreme gentleness, and heart.


             That’s all.  The message is, to be grateful.  To acknowledge and be aware of our blessings, from the very essentials of our survival to our most luxurious extras.

             All it takes is a few quick moments of Intention.  We need merely be still, for as long as it takes to say, thank you.

             And as we continue on around our card altar, the rudimentary theme is extended.  Nothing more is necessary.

oracle card connection

“Connection  ~

Connect with someone special.

A loved one is a gift to treasure.”

Today’s Deck:

Self-Care Oracle Cards by Cheryl Richardson

Today’s Affirmation:

Peace and Healing begins with me.


2 thoughts on “The Very Absence of Complication

  1. Simple and basic. Gratitude. And a great week to get that message, and to think about what giving thanks really means. I was traipsing about the archives (whilst looking to see how one was really supposed to contact you for cross stitch and tarot readings if you didn’t know the Witch and invite her to dinner at your place every so often, only to find out that is EXACTLY how you do it, and in sort of a left handed way to tell you my sister said yes to the reading so I will be getting that organized with you two shortly, but I digress) and found the “Backstory”. Badges and Broomsticks, to be precise. Thanks once again for the two amazing numbered people in your family, with whom I had a chance to work and still do (in a volunteer capacity with the younger). Real thanks.

    Ha, you made the request EXACTLY right! And yes, I owe you an e-mail.

    You are more than welcome, the feeling is mutual, we are grateful for you and your Mrs, as well.

    9:01 p.m.

  2. Gratitude that my small kitty survived anesthesia and surgery. But sad because things are much worse than we thought and she won’t be around much longer (cancer). I fucking hate cancer.

    Was looking for lunar and planet updates. Are they no longer part of your blog?

    I am truly sorry that you have to go through this with your beloved animal friend. 😦

    And no, those are gone now. It felt repetitive to continue with the updates, I was getting no feedback that anyone ever looked at them; they take time to keep current; and they’re all available so easily EVERYwhere on the interwebz now (when I began this site, they were harder to locate).

    It’s becoming more and more difficult for me to keep doing all of this work for free……

    9:04 p.m.

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