When themes are strong, they’re just, well, strong.  Really, there’s nothing we can do but Accept them and make the best of what they’ve brought to the party.

             Today?  Perfect example.  I was directed to return to our regular rotation for the daily draw, as I was making my pre-post notes.  This card is a re-run of what we’ve been hearing lately.

             As well as, this message:

letting go,

for something better.

             Because they seem to be so significantly connected, let’s look at them together.

Page of Cups
Page of Cups

             She arrived with a tweak, on the crooked side, so I know that this is something we’re still struggling with, not quite all the way there.

            She’s observing the bird in her chalice.  Cups are emotions, so this speaks of our heart and feelings.  Is she watching it attempt to fly away?

            Is she trying to let it go?  This tells us that we need to continue our focus on Release, on an emotional level, of the heart.  When we Let Go, we make room for something even more wonderful to appear.

            See the paint palette at her waist?  That’s a symbol of creativity.  And haven’t we been advised recently about opening our creative eyes, keeping our awareness up for signs?

            She’s a perfect messenger for this reminder.  As long as we don’t forget what we’re here for.  It’s not to grab and cling, but to craft and aid.

            The more help we offer, the more we heal.  The more Release we accomplish, the more Abundance we’ll receive.

Today’s Deck:

Robin Wood Tarot

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