Today’s message is very much connected to my return to the regular rotation around our card altar.  (The guidebook definitions of which I’m being directed to skip this time.)

            Also (or is it: because?), it’s not so much about the words right now.  It’s more a focus of thought and emotion.

Open Thinking

             We are being asked to observe and acknowledge in an available and open way.  No labels or judging, no preconceived notions of past cultural iconography.  Be free, as much as is possible, in our mind’s eye to observe and expand.

             Adding the imagery of these illustrations, we are better able to absorb the idea.

"Healing"  and "The Source"
Healing” and “The Source

             We heal and are healed.  We give and are given to.  Notice the warm and cool colors, the depth of each.   The complimentary qualities, one to another.

             No matter what we call the Universal power, no matter what needs to be healed, both are accessible.  Both are united.  In us.  From us.  And through us.

             All it takes is an open way of thinking.  All we need to do is unclasp our hands and reach out.  Letting go of the restrictions which have held us too tightly.

             Open.  Releasing.  Available.  Warm and Cool.  These are the key points for right now.

Today’s Deck:

Osho Zen Tarot

Today’s Affirmation:

My life is filled with love and joy, blessings of good health, and creativity.


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