As we spoke of yesterday, our nature is to create.  To continue creating.  And to support others in their creations.

            The Universe would like us to go one step further. Or, more accurately, back to the beginning.

A spark,

a start.

            It all begins with that ah ha! moment.  That lighting-bolt of realization.  And once we’ve corralled the idea, we move on to the action, the doing.  That which we are here to do, the creating.

             Where do they come from though, those light-bulbs?  And how do we reliably collect them?  The answer is simple, if not easy.

             Everywhere.  In all directions, at every corner.  On a walk or bike ride.  As we meditate or pray.  In a parking lot or at a traffic signal while we wait.

             We need only tune in and listen.   Much like watching for Divine signs and messages, our ideas are sent to us when we engage in observing, being aware and yet in an easy and open mind-set.

             Our daily draw talks about this a bit, and about why we may be having difficulty with the process.


“Angel of Expression  ~

‘Speak your truth and express yourself clearly.’

There is something you are not expressing, because you fear hurting someone you love or care for.

The Angel of Expression has shown up in your reading today to encourage you to speak your truth and express yourself clearly.  Know that the truth, when spoken honestly, clearly, and with love, will never truly hurt anyone.

Lack of self-expression is soul-destroying for all concerned and prevents life’s natural flow.  The Angel of Expression understands your fears regarding this issue and is here to help you through this difficult time.

Allow her to help you find the courage to face this issue clearly.  By expressing yourself honestly and clearly, this situation will heal in accordance with the highest good of all concerned.  Yet do not try to predetermine or control the outcome.

Trust – for the power that made you both, will heal you both.”

Today’s Deck:

Angels, Gods, and Goddesses Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Sharing:

is THIS piece, by my Seattle girl.  Fascinating.   And informative.  Plus, how tremendously timely!