It’s fairly rare for me to receive message that are, well, not über positive, I guess that’s the best way to put it.  So, today is remarkable on that count.

             The images from this morning were a variety of scenarios.  None of them all that appealing.  But, none too horrible, either.  What I heard was:

don’t bother,

it’s not worth it.

             There are situations and circumstances which are simply not in our best interests.  Could be a person, a job, an opportunity we thought we wanted to pursue.  Turns out, not so much.

             “Move on,” says the Universe.  Since there are no mistakes (only lessons), we are free to let this one pass us by.

             Stand in the position of Release, hands open, breathing evenly, and let go.  Like the wrong bus, allow this to drive on past.  The correct next action step will arrive, exactly when it’s supposed to.

             Additionally, our daily draw is describing a bit of the Why regarding this entire message.  I’m going to heed the suggestion of my own Muses and move (back) in to a more creative direction.  Hope you’ll join me.


“Discontent  ~  8  ~  Muses

Dissatisfaction, Seeking, Searching, Conclusions

Sooner or later in our evolutionary process, each of us begins to realize that it’s not the having that fulfills our soul, but rather it’s the act of creating that brings us satisfaction.

Contentment in what we’ve created – no matter how grand – inevitably subsides, and our creative juices once again long to flow.  That’s why the once-ideal partner ceases to mesmerize, the perfect job eventually becomes mundane, and the great adventure becomes tedious.  Although there’s a lot to be said for enjoying what we have now, we must nevertheless respect the fact that our basic nature as creative beings is . . . .  to create.

Without the process, we cannot be fully content – at least not for long.

Your Muses are present, and they call on you now to embrace your creative discontent and undertake new projects.  Their message:

see your frustration as a longing to learn more, expand more, dare more, and create more.” 

Today’s Deck:

Ask Your Guides Oracle Cards by Sonia Choquette

Today’s Personal Sharing:

is to report that it finally got cold enough here for me to put on shoes for tonight’s pedal to the pool.  Right now, I am wearing two shirts and a large, heavy sweater.  Let’s say that, yeah, Autumn has arrived.


One thought on “Of Concern, or not.

  1. Yeah, I transitioned to long pants yesterday myself. A bit cold. Hopefully it’ll warm up a bit and I can get a few more shorts days out of this fall.

    Nice message today; sometimes it isn’t “It’s all good” and you have to know when to take a pass on something. And the card encouraging us to dare more and create more is exactly what’s called for.

    “…exactly what’s called for.”


    11:01 p.m.

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