The images shown to me this morning were fascinating.  They were a variety of in-depth views which featured a singular aim.

             Our message is clear, we are to continue setting our attention towards improved Self-Care and our over all healing, from the inside out.

Individual Focus

             It’s neither selfish nor egotistical to believe in ourselves, to keep our physical shells, and our spiritual bodies, in productive and happy shape.  Not like spinning our wheels to No Where, but in the sense that we’re well taken care of, we’re Joyous in our movements and our actions.

             When we are well, all is well around us.  When we take on the suffering stresses of the world, then we all suffer.  Accept the beauty in which we dwell, starting that focus with our very own selves.

             On our card altar right now we’re being handed a beautiful validation.  And like yesterday’s idea, the gift is about how we all deserve the best, no matter what.


“The Diamond Dreamer  ~  6  ~

material wealth, true prosperity

When the Diamond Dreamer arrives, he represents the successful manifestation of the unseen into the material.  Be sure you truly want what you think you desire, for this Ally will commit to getting it for you.

All manner of conditions will flow around you; messages from Spirit will serve to guide you toward achieving your heart’s desire.  If you want a house, you’ll be led to it.  If your priority is a new job, with the right continual steps, you will achieve this.  If you desire a more harmonious relationship, the measures needed to create this will be obvious.

A project finally pays off.  Material gain and positive financial shifts may also be on the way.  You will, indeed, see the tangible results of your ambition.

The Diamond Dreamer also serves to guide you to the appropriate choices so that the unseen is awakened to move mountains on your behalf.

Positive communication is now possible in all your relationships.”

Today’s Deck:

Wisdom Of The Hidden Realm Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

FLP Report:

 begins with something we’re not sure we’ve ever seen before, three out-of-state plates in a parking lot row.  They included Montana, Minnesota, and North Carolina, which makes it even more rare, because I saw two other Minnesotas this week, plus a special edition “Treasure State” Montana.  And that’s not including the Tennessee, New York, BC, and Alaskas from a few days ago.  I have no explanation for any of it.


3 thoughts on “Personalized

  1. As always when you see a Montana plate, I wish it was mine! I’m doing NaNo this month so the idea of manifesting the unseen into the material has a slightly different meaning this time– that’s how it feels sometimes, like I’m wrestling with something immaterial and trying to make it into words on a page.

    I always wish it was you, too!!!

    Happy NaNo-ing! 🙂

    10:53 p.m.

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