Does it seem like we’re talking a lot about “perspective” lately?   That’s because we are.  Messages arrive like broccoli, in clumps and bunches.

             This morning I saw a scene which made me uncomfortable.  The annoyance was very real, and I found my honest reaction was über judge-y.  Often, that’s our response.

             So, we’re discussing it again.  We need to let go, we need to figure out the Why.  We must go within, and truly observe what our feelings are, and how they got there.

             We are being reminded, in this instance, to use our:

Love Eyes.

             To apply them as much as possible.  To wear the truest vision, with the most heart.  To see honestly and with care.

             Yesterday’s idea of gratitude and appreciation is one way to accomplish this, and another is where I was drawn to on our card altar.


“Pleasure  ~  9  ~  Divine Goddess

Fulfillment, Abundance, Satisfaction, Contentment

The Divine Goddess smiles upon you, urging you to step into her luscious and beautiful garden and drink from her well of vitality and joy.

Relax, have fun, and allow the good times to roll.  Life is to be enjoyed, not endured.  Whether it’s a fun day at the beach, or a rousing sexual romp with your lover, the Divine Goddess reminds you that there’s nothing holy, superior, or righteous in resisting pleasure or hiding your beauty.

She has stepped into your life to remedy the sad fact that you are not taking joy in much of anything of late and have lost touch with your beauty.  Life is at risk of becoming too black and white and shades of gray, and you’re missing color.

She sweetly advises you not to postpone your rewards until you’re in heaven – instead, she encourages you to enjoy a little heaven on Earth.  Indulge your soul in some delicious food, good music, close friends, and playful fun.  Use her sparkle to inspire you to embellish your environment.

 Redecorate: add a splash of color to your beige walls, bring in fresh flowers, and make yourself beautiful as well . . . . . accept yourself as a beautiful human being.

This is a harvest, a time of abundance and flow.  Share your beauty with others, be generous, and don’t fret about overindulging or getting carried away.  Get used to the beautiful life, and consider it your birthright to dance in the Divine Goddess’s garden.

Her question to you: how good can you stand it?”

Today’s Deck:

Ask Your Guides Oracle Cards by Sonia Choquette

Today’s Power Statement:

I affirm my absolute right to be happy, healthy, prosperous, and loved.


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  1. I got out in nature today and walked around the lake. It was gorgeous to soak in that beauty. I’m in a more loving mood now. : )

    Yep, works every time! 😀

    9:08 p.m.

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