As we learn about our Acceptance by acknowledging our blessings (and even, our mere existence), it’s being suggested right now that we also add in some gratitude.

            The process of being thankful, participating in our lives with a conscious effort, is what I heard about this morning.  (With accompanying views which were both precise and yet symbolic.)

Take nothing for granted.

             Some people aren’t completely clear on driving “privileges” in this country.  It’s a similar situation in how we live our life.

             To get a driver’s license, we must pass tests and agree to participate within the rules.  Being a safe and legal driver is the end result.

             Or, we can operate a motor vehicle without the required regulations and be subject to fines or incarceration.

             In this adventure we call Life, we can participate lovingly, with care and concern, being responsible for our actions (and our re-actions), within certain perimeters of goodness and on-going study.

             Or, we can be a selfish dick-head.  In which case, we then must face the repercussions that will (absolutely will) come around to set us straight when we leave this place and move on.

            It’s all about our current state.  Are we being mindful and grateful?  Or are we driving along, “unlicensed,” complain-y, and disconnected?  We have that choice, we are allowed that privilege.

             Standing at our card altar earlier, I was directed to flip this particular selection.  Because it seems as though, we need an inner kindness reminder, as well.


“Goddess of Compassion  ~

‘Self-criticism is diminishing your sense of self-worth.’

The Goddess of Compassion has shown up in your reading today to ask you to be more compassionate towards yourself.

At the core of every living thing only love exists.  Your personality and the role you play in this life is only transitory and ultimately, an illusion.

All that you perceive to be good or bad are necessary aspects of who you are; positive and negative qualities exist in everyone and in everything.  A more accurate description of positive and negative is Yin and Yang, for in reality there is neither positive nor negative, only opposite qualities which together make us whole.

Self-criticism is diminishing your sense of self-worth and keeping you in the illusion that you need to improve in order to be worthy of success, happiness, and fulfillment.  Have compassion; love and accept all of who you are, as you are, and stop striving for something that is impossible to attain.

Through love your life magically transforms.”

             Let’s repeat one small part of that definition one more time, consciously, and with gratitude:

At the core of every living thing only love exists.

Today’s Deck:

Angels, Gods, and Goddesses Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Philosophical Thought:

Whether life is seen as an opportunity or a burden

depends on one’s point of view,

not on one’s circumstances.





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  1. I love the Goddess of Compassion. Negative self-talk is something that my Mrs. struggles with. I sometimes have to remind her to be nice to my wife… Think I’ll go renew my “intent” driver’s license now…

    be nice to my wife…

    11:05 p.m.

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