It’s a well-known fact around here that my relationship with time is wobbly and highly unstable.  But what I was shown this morning reminds me of why.

             With the absolute uselessness of us all still Springing Forward and Falling Back, it is more evident than ever that our concept of time is false.  It’s just that, a concept.  Not a reality.

             However, we do need to live within it.  So, what do we do?  Well, we begin by letting go of the “concept” and concentrate on remembering that there’s always the possibility of …..

Catching Up.

             When there’s no parking spaces in front of our library, and I just need to run in super-quick (on non-biking days, obviously), Dan drops me off at the front door and drives around the block.

             This is the idea that the Universe wants us to keep in mind.  We can make another loop around.  We aren’t losing everything if this time we have to pass on by.

             Since we now know that time is not linear, but circular, we can catch that next go-round; that next try will be perfectly fine.  There is no such thing as mistakes, we also know this now.  So, it’s lessons and it’s chances, we have many.  Plenty, in fact.

             Emphasizing another layer of this same thoughts is our daily draw.  Earlier I was directed to go with our newest stack.  The message on this card is slightly harsh, and probably I wouldn’t have used the same words, but it gets the point across.

             It seems like right now, this is the way we need to hear it, so I’m not omitting anything.


“Death  ~  30  ~  Guardian Angels

Devastation, Surrender, Defeat, Humiliation

As hard as this may be to admit, it’s time to give up on your present efforts and walk away from a situation that has no more life in it.  Whether it is a dead-end job, a relationship that has run its course, or a pattern of behavior in you that’s no longer getting you what you want, recognize what isn’t working any more.

There are times in life when things  or circumstances come to a natural end, some of which may seem beyond our control – this is one of those times.  Your Guardian Angels are surrounding you as the reality of this dead-end situation settles in.  They comfort you at a time when it appears as though all is lost.

Although you are not experiencing a physical death, your angels indicate that something has indeed died: that which has been harming your spirit.

The good news is that the worst has already occurred – it will not get any worse than this – and soon, a new day will dawn.  As hard as it can be to admit, accept that defeat (or dead end) because the sooner you do, the sooner the real gifts you seek will appear from the right resources.

This is not an easy time, for you, but it will become easier if you let go.  Your Guardian Angels’ message is:

Let go and let (Mr and Mrs) God take over.  And move on”

Today’s Deck:

Ask Your Guides Oracle Cards by Sonia Choquette

Today’s Sharing:

is this view of a gift that I recently received.

Yes, it WAS as soft as it looks.
Yes, it WAS as soft as it looks.

            I was taking down my purple lights around our front door (the better to welcome delightful Trick-Or-Treaters on Friday night), when I looked down, and there it was, just resting lightly on the mat.


3 thoughts on “Go Around Again

  1. We are back from our southern sojourn, where we said “good bye” to my Aunt Liz with a heck of a roast/party, which I had the incredible honor to MC. Many of the things from your post yesterday fit right in, and I haven’t organized my thoughts enough to comment there yet.

    Our favorite “go around” phrase is “one more time!” Besides being the name of one of my favorite bands to play in, it lets us have a joyful next attempt. I love the drop off at the door, pick up when done routine at CostCo or for niggly errands that must be done.

    I like the card message today, especially since we’re in that time of year…

    We also stopped on our way home yesterday and said “hi” to Mrs. Denial’s Mom. In her spirit, we took an unattended* group of Autumn leaves and put it next to her headstone. The Mrs. said “Mom would have done that, and I would have been mortified…”

    *Not clearly associated with any particular place or grave site, lying in between several, and very close to Verna’s.

    It was meant to be Verna’s!

    12:04 a.m.

  2. I have never liked the falling back part. It’s too abrupt. Poof! and it is now dark when I feed critters and my husband comes home. And did you know that Hawaiit and most of Arizona do not observe the change? Could you imagine how much fun the people living along the timeline in Arizona have with a divided state? *shakes head* Most of the rest of the world don’t use daylight savings either. I’m not sure, with the many ways society has changed over the years, that it is applicable anymore.

    There is NO reason for us to still be doing it.

    12:05 a.m.

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