As I work through learning about Acceptance, and the serene Zen practices, I can almost physically feel the healing begin to take place.  It’s like those time-lapse photos where a plant is growing, but in this case, my soul is repairing.

             And when I went around the house flipping pages on the walls, I received our message.  Also interesting, on Doreen’s Instagram account this morning she pulled “Friendship” for her daily draw.

              This captures the combined sentiments of it all, very nicely.

"My love and acceptance of others creates lasting friendships."
“My love and acceptance of others creates lasting friendships.”

” ‘Loving others is easy when I love and accept myself.’

There’s a great need in most of us to share life experiences with others.  Not only do we learn more about others when we engage in friendship, but we can also learn more about ourselves.

These relationships are mirrors of our self-worth and self-esteem.  They afford us the perfect opportunity to look at ourselves, and the areas where we might need to grow.

When the bond between friends becomes strained, we can look to the negative messages of childhood.  Cleaning your mental house after a lifetime of negative messages is a bit like starting a sound nutritional program after a lifetime of eating junk foods.  

As you change your diet, your body will throw off a toxic residue, and you may feel worse for a day or two.

So it is when you make a decision to change your mental thought patterns.  Your circumstances may worsen for a while, but remember – you may have to dig through a lot of dry weeds to get to the rich soil below.”

Today’s Resource:

You Can Heal Your Life 2014 Calendar by Louise Hay

Today’s Celebration:

is the memories of our ancestors.  Hope you all have a loving and festive Dio de los Muertos, and be sure to watch THIS, it is so well done!


2 thoughts on “Comprehensiveness

  1. What a wonderful message. Thanks for being the radio!

    It is absolutely my pleasure.
    Thank you for your appreciation and acknowledgment.

    9:06 p.m.

  2. “-you may have to dig through a lot of dry weeds to get to the rich soil below.” I like this imagery. It occurred to me sitting here that it could be further used if you think of it from a gardening point of view. All those dead dry weeds you have to dig through eventually rot to become rich soil. I need to ‘hold that thought’!

    Happy Dio de los Muertos!

    We kind of accidentally had a gardening theme.

    9:08 p.m.

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