We’ve been out to my mom and dad’s house this evening, celebrating Dan’s birthday early.  Because this was the time when most of us could show up.

             I’ve been directed to not draw a card, but, instead, to re-share the following image.

heartshaped hands
No words necessary.

             Our message today is simple, and to the point.  Not much questioning or wondering involved.

Go out.

            Go outside.  Go bird-watching.  Go out into the garage.  Go swimming.  Go out to lunch.  Go out into the backyard.  Go out the front door.  Go stand in a field.  Go for a walk.  Go to the seashore.  Go to the mountains.  Go to a parking lot.  Go visit a museum.  Go get a drink.  Go look at a tree.

             Doesn’t matter where, just go.  The important part is to stand up.  And go.


2 thoughts on “Go, and about tomorrow.

  1. Happy Birthday to Dan, and how delightful to get to celebrate all together. Love the message. I will go out. I was outside this morning before daybreak, just soaking it in. And I love the picture.

    We were out (just) before daybreak, too. But only to bring in the paper, then we went to bed. 😉


  2. Happy Birthday, Dan! Hope it was a good one! And, yes, I will make time to go out as well. Do love that picture!

    I love it, too.

    11:02 p.m.

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