One of my personal lessons (and now, tasks in therapy) is to recognize value.  Our personal importance, something we’re all born wearing.  That unique quality of “here I am, this is me” which we all arrive on this planet with.

             Our culture is not good about promoting a gentle, concerning attitude.  In fact, it tends to excel in the other direction, that of breaking us down.  Especially towards young women who do not look like the current fashionable ideal.

             This morning I heard and saw images that we need to address now.

Loving Self-Care

             How amazing would everyday life be if we truly appreciated our very own special type of beauty?  How much more peaceful would our entire world be if each individual recognized her inherent brilliance?

             The Universe wants us to be on the awares, be alert for, and conscious of anything that is defeating.  Anything negative and aimed within.

             When we acknowledge that we are so very wonderful and worthy, then that lovingkindness can ripple out, and spread, and be shared with all.  Because we are, we’re valuable.  We matter.

             On our card altar right now, this validation is just the inspiration we can take along, as a To Go gift which blends so very nicely with our message.


“Dream Big  ~

‘Let go of small thoughts about yourself! 

See yourself succeeding!’

In the past, you may have seen yourself as insignificant.  This card asks you to release any thoughts or feelings of inferiority.   Truly believe that you are utterly qualified for any endeavor you can dream about!

Write down a list of your fears about moving forward, and then ‘drown’ those fears by putting the paper into a bucket or large bowl of water.  Then, take a cleansing shower, bath, or swim.

The water seals your new way of seeing yourself . . . .

as you are in truth: an equal to all.”

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Magical Mermaids And Dolphins Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

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