We discussed, yesterday, a particular type of art form.  That of thinking up and then crafting garments.  What I heard this morning goes one step further.

             Or rather, one step back.  We’re looking at the process, where those ideas and inspirations come from.  The origination, the . . . .


             There is a theory, that of infused knowledge, of which I’m quite fond.  The belief is that we are being sent messages from the Other Side.  It’s thought that this is how the same idea will be “invented” in several different places in a similar time-frame.

             That may be true.  Or it might be that a spark of something so brilliant just **pops** into our head, and we run with it.  Possibly it’s a combination of both.

             When we, either acting on Divine inspiration or not, conceive and construct of a yet-to-be witnessed creation, we are adding to the beauty of our world.  We are giving of ourselves.  We are sharing our artistry and our imaginative gifts.

             Crafting and building and making, all avenues to enlightenment.  Roads of, and for, and about, art.  Pathways to loveliness and illumination.

             Basically, any time we engage our imagination in a positive direction, this equals good.  And we can never have too much of that.

             Back within our regular rotation around the card altar right now, in our quest for improvement, we have a reversed draw.  All things have their reason and their season.  Even upside down ones.

The Chariot  ~  7  ~  contrary
The Chariot ~ 7 ~ contrary

             Oh.  Well.  This is all about Patience.  Something none of us (ME!) has much to spare.  However, we are being reminded that, to Accept is to become empowered.  To struggle and whine and complain won’t help.  And it won’t change time.

              Because this is: Timing.  Not ours, but the timing of the Universe.  The timing of when and where and how is not up to us.  It simply never has been.

             What this flip says, is that we have everything it takes to move forward on our designated path.  Just not quite yet.  It’s not quite time to go full speed ahead.  Not yet.  But soon.  Eventually.  When the time is right.

Today’s Deck:

Robin Wood Tarot

FLP Report:

is an observation, speaking of travel.  I’ve noticed a decided lack of faraways lately.  I know that the students are back, they just don’t seem to be where I’ve been.  Tonight I spotted an Arizona plate.  Those used to be relegated to the too-many-to-mention group (with Washington, California, Idaho, and Texas).  But it’s been so long since I saw one, it needed to be remarked upon.

             Yesterday we saw a Tennessee vehicle, but it may have been the same one as last time, and recently we came across an Alberta driver who did NOT represent Canada very well, at all.  Other than that, it’s been a Kansas car and super strange (and oddly suspicious) Rent-A-Van from Georgia.


2 thoughts on “Creatively So

  1. I’ve been fighting the urge to ignore the work that needs done and get back to painting the display boxes I got for my crystals. It’s the weekend, right? I should go have some fun. 🙂

    And patience. Yep. That’s always a work in progress for me!

    Always do the things you love first, then the later work part will be infused with that happiness.

    10:31 p.m.

  2. I’m waiting patiently for my release date for Corsica Gate, the first contemporary romance (it’s an adventure with a dash of magic) and it’s so hard to wait. I know the copyright says 2014 in the galley copy. But I want to know now! Darn it! Have to remind myself frequently that it’s not all about me. Ha ha.

    We all seem to be waiting!

    10:32 p.m.

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