In modern western medicine, they have a concept for urgent care/emergency need (which everyone is familiar with, I’m pretty sure), called the Golden Hour.  In the examples I was shown this morning, we’ve been handed a recommended mind-set that has been similarly named.

             (Even if it doesn’t have to do with timeliness or physical injuries.)

             This is exactly what I heard:

Golden Thinking

             It’s about the personal brilliance we all radiate.  It’s about recharging our glowing power.  It’s about continually trying to do better, learn more, love farther, and live brighter.

             The images that accompanied our message today were (unsurprisingly) beyond beautiful.  They showed possibilities as well as accomplishments.  The reminder is to strive for this attitude of Grace in every situation.

             Even when the reality is that, occasionally, we’ll slip back to dark.  Doesn’t matter.  We can always renew our efforts.  And we’ve lost nothing (that’s not replaceable) in the journey.

             This glow is all our own.  We have, it’s part of who we are.  No one can take it from us and no action can dim it.  We can, however, improve it.

             And where it was suggested that I select our daily draw from confirms this.  We needn’t give our Golden-ness over to another for credit, because honestly, it does come directly from within.  From our Source, WE are (also) that Source.

             (Additionally, notice the most prominent shape in the center of this illustration?  Yeah, connected to yesterday, in a big way.)


“Decisions  ~  32  ~  Higher Self

Confusion, Quandary, Ambivalence, Juggling

You are faced with many choices and aren’t sure what to do.  Leave or stay in a job?  Terminate or recommit to a relationship?  Stop or continue a creative project?  Go to work or stay home?

 Life is an endless stream of choices, and doing what’s best is never a simple thing.

Fortunately, your Higher Self can help you resolve those difficult decisions, especially if you are willing to let some of the balls you juggle drop to the wayside for now.  The key to making the best choices is to simply follow your heart and attend only to what you care about right now.  

Focus on priorities that feed your spirit, and don’t become overwhelmed by the demands and expectations of others.

Ask your Higher Self to help you discern and trust in what requires your attention right now, and be willing to disappoint people.

Your Higher Self assures you that what falls to the wayside isn’t important in the long run, despite the drama of the moment.

The message for you is:

Don’t try to be all things to all people; it’s waste of time, and you’ll surely fail.”

Today’s Deck:

Ask Your Guides Oracle Cards by Sonia Choquette

FLP Report:

begins with this fine example (I love that tree and moon more than I can even say)

South Carolina!
South Carolina!

             and includes a blue and white plate which may or may not have been Michigan, one of the Dakotas, a Wyoming, one Iowa and one Ohio, a Tennessee, Kansans, Wisconsin, and a singular New York.

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  1. I do like SC’s license plates; it is on their state flag as well. I also love the message and the concept for today (and the daily draw). I think those are important messages. And a very good message for me: don’t try to be all things to all people. Think I’ll go recharge my glow…

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